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The culture here is much better than previous multinational billion dollar companies I've worked for. I work in the back-end of the operations team here and have never felt put down or lesser for it. Sometimes that can happen in companies with a hierarchy, and it can make working there a miserable time. That has not happened here, and I really enjoy it. I also enjoy the amount of freedom in my work that I experience. I rarely have people looking over my shoulder or micromanaging what I am currently working on. The atmosphere is friendly, like a small business, and informal. In my office, I can wear shorts and a t-shirt and comfortable closed toed shoes. I like that kind of choice. I would work here again.
I work for the location in Georgia. The management at this company is horrible. They don't actually do anything unless it effects them. There is no work/ life balance. They treat you as if you have no life or family. They put so much work on managers to the point they just quit o rend up in the hospital from the stress. To take a day off you have to argue. You get stuck with bad schedule choices while other people get early shift. There have been numerous shift bids but I never can be apart of that. I only stayed here so I could finish my degree. At this point I'm done.
Overall, I really enjoy working for Unisys as an at home agent. Working here for 3 years, Unisys has excellent benefits, great communication between levels of management and really listens to their employee's concerns.
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as a company, Unisys has a very successful past and has made great repo among its peers. The company offers good learning experience and will suite for freshers to gain domain and industry knowledge.
The pay is good for an entry level IT position. Currently working on the AESD service desk. I have been employed by them for 4 years now.
Unisys is a good company to work for. The compensation is a little low in the Salary range where only giving raises every 3 years. The benefits are good, there is opportunity for growth by going back to college to help with tuition assistance. Unisys has field technicians and onsite technicians at various sites all over the world. Learning hardware and customer support is an excellent opportunity where you get hands on experience. HR is excellent to work with when you have issues with your manager or other employees. There should be more options for stocks and PTO should be increased at the 3rd year of employment instead of waiting for the 5 years.
The company is not bad. However, we provided a service onsite at a client location so often time we were more immersed in their culture than our own. We did not have our own HR staff or onsite management, which made things difficult.
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