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Uniqlo was an amazing company to work for. A lot of growth opportunities. The company offers plenty of PTO days. One downside was the late work hours but due to the location it is understandable. Everyone was very friendly and management seem to truly care about employees. Some of the policies were a bit harsh on certain mistakes employees made but it definitely help keep everything in order.
I enjoy my time working at Uniqlo. The pay is great for my job role and the hours are steady. I also love how understanding the job is when it comes to sick time and the weekly/bi-weekly briefs on the company's improvement and the overall motivation on self-improvement.
I love the atmosphere of the workplace, the transparency of management that they pay attention to the details and that they don't get bother by asking a lot of questions to them.
The allow for open questions about things about the company and patiently answer them.
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As a college student, I've been working rigorously to balance school and a part-time job. While working at Uniqlo, they have been extremely fair with finding a schedule that works best for me. It has been an enriching experience being able to gain customer service skills, develop communication skills, and also work towards earning a promotion with greater benefits.
Initially, UNIQLO is very promising from the sense of structure, organization, and self-sufficiency expected from each employee. I work with a lot of great people, and the job itself is fulfilling. They're also quite flexible with giving days off, so long as they're not within blackout dates.

However, the issues lie in that there are times when management is not quite organized. I've worked with supervisors that do not bother with helping fellow co-workers encountering difficulty. Sometimes managers act unprofessionally, such as acting terse or impatient with either employees or customers. The allocation of work hours given by employees are either too much or too little, depending on how well the store is doing profit-wise.

My time here is still quite short, as I've only been working for three months as a part-timer. I might stay here awhile longer, as I do enjoy UNIQLO products and most of my co-workers, but it isn't motivating me enough to try and move up the ladder.
I've been working at UNIQLO USA for the past three years and my time spent thus far has encouraged me to look at the bigger picture in the retail industry. Working at one of the top retail giants has taught me how to lead a team and help cultivate a great working environment. This company has built a foundation that shows what is to be expected of associates, which gives them a sense of ownership of their work.
The one thing I like most about this company is their high standards for success. Attention to detail is an imperative skill to maintain while working here, as specific expectations are to be executed. In addition, employees are empowered through a Zenin Keikei mindset which allows every individual to engage in a business owner mindset and lead by example. On the other hand, reinforcing corporate culture through innovative methods of packaging are suggested as integrity and responsibility are significant values.
Uniqlo Hawaii is very unique from the other Uniqlo's because it has some exclusive items. Open in June 2018, it offers exclusive Hawaii merch and because we don't get cold weather like other places do, our layouts are also different from other locations.
I liked that the job was fairly easy, everyone was nice and helped each other out whenever it was needed. In my location however, in Los Angeles there was a problem with favoritism between some managers and and employees, so that made it difficult. A lot of issues got looked over since the people that were involved were managers of friends of managers. Overall the work environment was good. Schedules were flexible, and they work with you when it comes to any schedule problems. I believe they could have had better organization skills between managers, because it was a little it chaotic when it came to busy times.
The job was fine. Management was unfair. There was a lot of favoritism, that made it difficult to move up in the company. You had to be popular to get anywhere. Hard work is not enough. Other then that the work is not too hard. co-workers are helpful and some make lasting friendships.
I like being able to work with my coworkers and interacting with customers. My coworkers and I are able to rely and communicate with one another. One thing I did not like working there was the favoritism and the lack of communication between management and associates.
They're not flexible with scheduling and this is a problem if you're a student. They require part-timers to work Sat and Sunday's in addition to two weekdays. You also have to request off days in months advance. They're really emphasized on Japanese cultural customer service.
I like that they stress customer service over everything. The managers here are very helpful and generally try their best to help when you're new. The do stretch you and there are moments of stress but that's at any job. They offer tiny pay raises every three months which is very beneficial. Also they pay slightly more than minimum wage at this location. The people and so different, fun, dramatic and beautiful in their own ways. It's a hard job but you gain a lot from it. One thing I would change is the scheduling, if you work late one night you should either have off or another late shift the next day because it seems like you never left.
Working at Uniqlo has been great and it will definitely show you some useful life skills as a manager or associate. The hours are long and you are usually staying late so there isn't to much work-life balance.
It's an alright temporary job. If you need the money apply here. The rules are very strict and uptight. But you can work your way around them if the managers are cool enough.
Worked in the San Francisco location, a lot of work to do, not enough staff to do the work. They require you to work until late into the night.
I learned how to work quickly and a fast paced environment. Developing relationship with coworkers is important because its all about team work. Working hard is important. Customer relationship is important because then it will be easier to interact and help their needs. Something that i would change is the pay because it is hard work but the experience for entry level is great
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My overall experience was okay. I didn't like how I got my schedule the day before the week. It was hard to predict my work hours. The work day was long and tiresome. Also, I didn't like how I had to stay later than the time we our suppose to leave. If our station or area is clean and looks fine, then we should leave.
There are many tasks to do in a day and you almost always find yourself multi tasking. This way one day is almost always different than the other and it is hard to get bored. You also get a decent discount and certain discounts to other places. However the policies and management is where I feel the company is lacking. The management chooses favorites and based on that is how they choose to promote people. Some of the rules/policies are somewhat contrived. Such as the strict only natural hair color policy and all around strict dress code. There is not much stability since it is retail when it is a slow shopping season you will get less hours. Also there is no stability in terms of management as they switch floors and positions every so often so it is hard to get used to peoples working styles. Overall I would not recommend working here unless you are extremely passionate about the company. Unless you like rigid structures and don't mind being unstable.
Uniqlo is a Japanese casual lifestyle brand. Being that the brand is from Japan the management team requires strict standards of cleanliness and aesthetic to always be present as much as possible. Also before every shift the group coming in has to be present at a scheduled meeting to recite the company's promises, standard phrases, and basic principles. It is intense to work there sometimes especially since the whole floor must be closed out before your're allowed to go home, and they are strict with not talking to other associates. Other than that what I appreciate is the people I work with, they make going to work worthwhile. What I would change is just how strict the management team is, how they communicate with associates, and how the approach to running things goes.
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