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500 West Berkeley Street
Uniontown, PA 15401
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I would like to see a shift in pay rates, basing pay on job performance and not only experience. My overall experience at this hospital is average. You can make your own schedule. Poor job satisfaction due to pay rate, treatment of employees, and lack of advancement. The benefit of this place of employement is the hours you can work and shifts you can chose from. You get docked a lunch even when you do not get a minute away from the desk during night shift. Lack of flexibility for tuition assistance.
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The staff you work with on each unit is great, management and higher ups could use some work. There isn't much room for advancement within the hospital and not much help for people returning to school or wanting to further their education. The patients you receive can also be difficult with the the type of people that reside in the area.
They work really hard to make sure everyone happy and healthy work environment for all. They have given out bonus in the past, offered Christmas "treats", and employee picnics