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Overall, interning at Union Pacific was a great learning experience. One pro was having attention from upper level management.
Internship program is excellent. They provide summer housing and extensive training. Lots of events on interns4interns where interns can meet and network. Work hours are flexible. Max hours on breaks and during summer is 40 and during the school year is 25 hours.
Loved the job. Co-workers like family. Exposed to lots of smoke chemicals asbestos in 1970sand1980sand1990s. Presently have COPD I suppose now things are changing in that respect. When We were younger, we had'nt the knowledge of exposure etc. Things could be worse... Thankful to be here! God Bless!
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I like working for this large transportation company. I have the opportunity to work in many different states on challenging projects with a diverse group of people. It is a business where an individual can grow their skills. A person may be working by the beach one day and in the mountains the next day. Since a person travels extensively with this company the family life can be strained.
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