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I worked for this company for over 6 years at the Distribution center in Owensboro as a Sew Seal operator. The job itself was hard on your body and mind, in order to make incentive (real money) you are working as fast as possible , sewing standing up on one foot on concrete floors, you are also twisting and lifting and pulling. The most frustrating part is that after all of that if you have more time consuming work that day or week you can't go fast enough to make incentive. This is the most difficult thing to deal with not knowing if you are doing well enough to pay your bills at the end of the week, in fact a lot of people have to work second jobs. The way things such as policy changes and procedure changes are also handed down from management is probably one of the worst things about the job itself as communication is severely lacking.
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The organization has a strong family culture, stemming from the adhearance to core founding values from Aldo Croatti. An industry leader with strong financial growth, UniFirst continues to increase profitability each year. Overall, the company offers valuable insight for entry level sales people. My personal experience is a three out of five due to location management. Sales Managers are promoted in position without preperation and training to best develop a team.
Love what I do personally. Being a customer rep and learning the software we use. It’s really made me realize that I would like to work for a big company and help run it on a higher position.