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Great work environment, with friendly management who will help you become more familiar with the job and excel in efficiency. Employee discount is great and the flexible hours are great. You do have to go to work with a positive attitude to really enjoy your job here.
There are many benefits for the family such as health insurance, sick day, holiday. I love the environments. Managers are kind and welcome to all employees from different background.
Under Armour is a place that puts people in a position to succeed at all levels. It is a great work culture, with people who want to see you win. I have worked at two of their stores and they both have been very good experiences!
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Working at Under Armour is like none other. I have worked here the entirety of while being in college and it is hard for many people to find a part-time job that is enjoyable while also being flexible with a student's everchanging schedule. The company values its employees highly and makes sure to make it known. From celebrating gender diversity to having a whole collection dedicated to pride month, UA is a great company to represent as they are accepting of all people, customers or employees alike.
I love working for Under Armour, it was one of the best decisions to work there. Everyone is so friendly, we all get along, hours are flexible, it is truly a team environment.
I have been part of a transition of executives. I would have liked to see less nepotism. We worked very hard on creating diversity and inclusion, which is a marathon, not a sprint. While it takes time, we continuously took steps backward as young, white professionals were given opportunities that others did not get even with a new head of HR present. This company is definitely made up of young professionals who are willing to get underpaid in order to be given a spot.
Honestly, Under Armour Inc. is my favorite job I have had so far. The company is filled with hard-working employees ready to build and grow. The company takes care of their employees and are very flexible with employees obligations outside of work. Great place for a college student.
Having the opportunity to work for an innovative and motivating company such as Under Armour has been a blessing. I stand up for the values that Under Armour has not only for their customers, but their employees. Under Armour is always looking for ways to become better and demands the best from us.
I enjoyed the training process. It was very informative and provided the perfect mix of online instruction and hands on experience. I enjoyed the whole concept of treating athletes with care as we are all one big family between workers and consumers. I would like to see higher pay for those who may not have at least 2 years experience necessarily in retail.
Awesome experience! You will learn alot of the company and how it started. I see alot of passion in the employees. This company wants to grow in the sports industry
I loved working at UA. The company is very generous to employees and will go the length to help them succeed in all endeavors.
Great place to work at, but location matters on the amount of pay. If you work in an area with higher clientele volume then your pay could increase. If not then it’s base pay. There were issues with management and employees butting heads for questionable things such as Music. I was stock so 5am we liked to play our own music via headphones,but then that was cut to only listening to store music which played the same thing 5x in one day. We then had a company listing that said our discount was decreased to make us buy the newer stuff and not the older clothes and shoes. 50%-30% it was very annoying since we had sales all the time and we could only get so much stuff because the prices do rack up. Which is why a lout if employees left.
I left for school and never went back , I sold some merchandise that I did not like anymore , mainly shoes ,they were very uncomfortable when I tried breaking them in .no matter what I did these specific pairs were just uncomfortable.
Under Armour is a very innovative company. I work in the retail branch and although it is typically retail it definitely is a more enticing environment than other retail environments I have worked.
Under Armour is a great place to work at. The staff there is very friendly and enjoyable to work with.
Well Ive been working at Under amour for about a year now and so far its been a pretty welcoming experience. It is retail so theres always going to be those customer that give you a hard time but with my support team the day goes by fast and smooth.
I work at the Swan Creek store in Curtis Bay MD. I have been working there about a little over a year and go promoted as a Cashier Lead, which means I am in charge of the other cashiers and make sure everything is runs smoothly. I love working here. There People are great, kind, and friendly. We always have a great time together. They are really flexible with my schedule which is one of the few things I was looking for in a job, since I am a full time college student.
Throughout high school, I worked as a sales associate at Under Armour Pittsburgh. It was a pretty good job. Being a student-athlete, my schedule was busy. Management understood this, and worked with me. Employee discount is 50% which is a better discount than any other clothing store I knew of. It made it very affordable to dress appropriate for work. Additionally the under armour technology is good. It does what it says it does, for example keeping athletes warm or cool. One employee I worked with got promoted to a manager, so there is growth opportunity. Additionally the regional manager was always making appearances in the store to make sure everything was running smoothly.
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Good hours non exhausting labour more Tehran minimum wage pay good discounts on under amour gear as well as nice coworkers
Great work environment. Management is kind and flexible. The team they have is also great to work with and are around my age group!
Under Armour Factory House is a great place to work as a team to push towards and past sales goals. However, on the retail side there is not much room for growth, but it is a great experience to help you in future jobs.
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