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55 Lake Avenue North
Worcester, MA 01655
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I started working here just a few months ago and I absolutely love it! Its everything I could have ever imagined and then some. I never thought I would adore a job as much as I do this one, I work 6:30-6:30 about 3-4 times a week and I never look forward to my days off anymore. The people I work with are beyond perfect and helpful in any way possible. My last job made me miserable and I cried more often than not, but at this place I really start to feel connections with my fellow coworkers that I never did there. I have only worked her for two months while at my last job I worked there for 2 years and I can honestly say this was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
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great place to give care and receive care. I work in the primary care unit and I have the best manager and co-workers I have ever worked with. It is a joy to come to work each day and do what I went to school for, which is a medical assistant and I have so many options to further my career. I am on the waiting list for the nursing program at Quinsigamond Community College here in Worcester, MA and I have the option of tuition reimbursement as well as a foot in the door when I complete my degree to work as a nurse. I must say that UMass Memorial Medical Center is great for ambitious students to learn and grow. The patient care that we offer is full of respect and compassion.
Some people will back you up and help out, other will not. Nursing staff is very friendly and helpful. Always wanting to help other nurses and PCA's. Hard to drive home after work, always stuck in 5pm traffic. Easy to get to. But employees have to take the shuttle which is about 6-7 minutes away from the campus and not always at the parking lot. Spend a lot of time waiting for a shuttle to arrive.