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Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc. Reviews

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I love the work I do at Ulta. But the managers are very catty and cause a lot of drama. They make the work environment hostile.
I felt like the goal oriented environment was beneficial to my overall personal growth. I appreciated the discount on products. I think this company overall treats its employees very well.
Great Team. A little drama is expected with so many women working this closely but nothing out of hand. Unused items should be donated to help the community instead of being destroyed, or even as gratis.
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My experience at Ulta has been wonderful. I believe in Ulta’s wow experience, and I believe our location provides this and more. Our environment is diverse, and we are all able to cooperate and, even more so, enjoy working together as a team. We make sure every guest that walks through the door feels recognized and welcomed, and leaves feeling even more beautiful. I couldn’t think of a better company to work for.
I really love the values ULTA has about guest service! Plus, management is good about creating a team atmosphere. It’s a great place to learn more about different products since there’s such a wide variety of items and brands in the store. I just wish they would pay their associates more. It’s not an option for me to work full time because of the low pay. Also, the schedule can sometimes be inconsistent.
The pay and vacation and sick time are fairly compensated, however they make it difficult to use your sick time because there is never anyone available to cover your shifts. The schedule is one of the better ones I’ve seen in retail, but it’s still retail and you still work nights, weekends, holidays. You get 1 weekend off a month. During holiday, you’ll get no sleep, you’ll work very late and come back very early.
I took this job because I actually do like makeup as a hobby. I also liked shopping here years ago before I worked here. I would rate this Ulta average because its not the best one I have been to and it is also not the worst one either!
Ulta Beauty is a great place to express your inner beauty. There are many opportunities for employees and all are treated equally.The environment at Ulta Beauty is so positive and makes you feel so welcomed.
Ulta beauty treats their employees like family. Regardless of shape, size, color everyone is treated with much respect and kindness. It is more than just makeup. Ulta is about creating a positive environment for individuals looking to express themselves in way through makeup, hair products, skin care, etc. I am pleased with working with this company and it has grown me.
The management at my location makes all the difference. I know most people however who work for the company do not hold this sentiment. It is your typical average retail job if you like beauty products and a good discount definitely give the holiday season a chance and work for the company, the perks during that time are amazing. Like I said my experience has been for the most part positive however I know many do not feel as I do.
I would like the management to be more involved as far as helping improve things instead of just ordering people around.
I love ulta, it has a variety of beauty products for any type of skin, any type of skin tone! Ulta beauty is located all around the world, although it is somewhat pricy, there products will not fail you
I absolutely love working for Ulta. It is the best work environment that i have ever had. I think the managers could do more for rewarding and appreciating their associates though.
i love the staff i work with, and the values of the company. They treat you like family. Everyone is full of talent and kindness, which makes my experience so much better as an employee.
Ulta Beauty creates a welcoming environment for its customers and employees. The services and products sold are enjoyed by many women and men. Also, there are so many locations! The pay is great, and friendships will be made! You also get makeup/skincare products for training with brands.
I loved the work that i did and helping people however you are treated like a number here with no voice. Management does not support you nor are they open to suggestions. The environment is very childish and high school like and unprofessional. I was constantly caught between fueding managers who gave conflicting orders. Gratis is extremely rare to employees but not management yet we are expected to sell things that we cannot afford on low salaries.
I love working for ulta. I wish I was better compensated but the people and company is wonderful.
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I have worked at Ulta since 2016 in 3 different locations doing a various number of positions. I started as seasonal and worked my way up to a manager. They work around my school schedule and overall a great place to work and move up in your career.
I love the work environment, it is easy for employees to get along with one another. I would like to see a change in the pay raises. I feel that employees aren’t compensated enough for all the work and extra time we put into the business.
I was hired on at Ulta Beauty as a Seasonal Beauty Advisor. During my time with the company, I learned a lot about taking more initiative within the workplace. Although the holidays brought more seasonal workers, it felt as though sometimes there were not enough employees to allow adequate time for intensive training for new employees. My leadership was amazing, and the General Manager was always available for questions or advice. I truly enjoyed my experience with the company.
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