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UF Health Shands Hospital Reviews

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Shands is one of the best hospitals! If I needed to be admitted for anything and treated I would never chose another place over Shands! They have the best hospital care! I know I would be in great hands
Always have enough resources. Management always has your back. Nursing staff is excellent on my floor. The place is clean, very clean.
It's a great place to work at and it's always good for advancement. They offer tuition reimbursement and they also have great benefits. There are many opportunities for you to learn new things to add to your resume. Working here you become a big family and everyone is really supportive.
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Currently, I work as a tech for the emergency room and it is a fun environment. The overall experience is a fast pace, high heart rate job where you learn an incredible amount of health care experience. The staff is very helpful and there are many chance to learn from some of the best nurses around town.
This is a good employer. The hours may be long (12 hours) but they care about their employees and provide incentives such as overtime pay, tuition reimbursement, holiday awards, etc. Shands provide multiple opportunities to advance in your career by helping pay with tuition and offering internships and volunteer hours.
Shands is a wonderful place to work, but I would like to see sick leave added in as part of full-time employee benefits.
Great company with benefits and competitive pay. They employ a huge part of our community and are very involved locally.
I like the professionalism with my doctors and how they are detailed when explaining my treatments. As an employee I have been blessed to have great management in my department and co workers that are team players. There is issues with any company you work for but with this company they have been very loyal and understanding with it's employees.
UF Health Shands Hospital does a fantastic job selecting hardworking and dedicated staff that will work well together towards a common goal. Salaries are good, and the management works with staff to allow the most flexible hours possible. As a student, the benefits and flexible hours allow me to build my career while still taking classes full time. The only problem with Shands is that we are understaffed most of the time. This makes our jobs significantly harder, but at the same time it brings our floor staff closer together. I would like to see more staff hired in 2019 to help compensate for the shortages we currently experience.
I love how shands is a teaching hospital and gives everyone a chance and it allows the patients to be seen by multiple physicians so nothing can go wrong
I love the team work environment and great patient care. All of the employers work hard to provide safe, efficient patient care. The physicians are friendly and a pleasure to work with every day. I would like to continue to work for the company after I graduate from my BSN program at Indiana State University. I currently work in family medicine, but I would like to work in the PACU after I graduate. Going to nursing school can be very expensive, and I appreciate any financial assistance that I can receive.
Fantastic place to receive and provide care. Great multi-disciplinary team and customer service. There is a lot of encouragement to do amazing things within the organizations and numerous opportunities to be involved and improve patient care. The work of administrative and clinical staff is a never-ending quality improvement cycle always striving to ensure the safety and well-being of their patients and employees alike. I see myself providing care and helping the community of Gainesville through UF Health Shands for many years to come.
My experience at UF Health Shands Hospital has been mixed. Some good and some bad but the most stressful thing about it is the people are overworked. The best part is the people are very friendly.
It’s a great place to work. I love working on my medical surgical unit at UF Health. The staff and I always work together as a team to take great care of our patients.
Best hospital ever they took very good care of my son he was born at 1.6oz it was a very difficult pregnancy they also saved him I almost miscarried I didn't know I had an incompetent cervix they rushed me into the OR emergently done a cerclage and I delivered 3 weeks later. Kudos to Shands Hospital.
I absolutely love working for this company they really care about their employees. Patient care is very important to them. I love how we are always ranked with some of the top hospitals across the country. I wouldn't want to work or take my family to any other hospital.
Great atmosphere for learning. The community between workers was great for patient care. I would like to see an expansion of their pediatric specialties as well as an over all improvement of the med/surg units.
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UF Health is the standard for excellent care. They treat each patient and employee with the upmost respect. UF Health goes above and beyond to care for their patients.
Works great with students and help other advance in life. During the time period that I am in school
UF health is a good and stable employer. They have employment opportunities from entry level to practicing Doctors.
They offer good benefits and encourage continued education.
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