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Love working here! They are very good with their employees and community. I look forward to spending many more years with them.
I have been working here for almost 10 years. I love the organization and their values. I am passionate about my job. There are tons of opportunities for growth and promotion.
Since we are a non-for-profit our pay is typically lower across the bar. We serve a majority of the cities indigent popular. We also provide medical care for the jail and other community institutions.
It's a great place to work because we treat the people in the community that is the most in need. This is a level three trauma hospital in the urban core of the city.
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I like the people team I work with. The location is not the safest, however it is close to my home. The company is slowly making changes to make the facility more presentable. The biggest issue as with any hospital are staffing issues.
I love my job and the leadership that I work for. They preach work life balance and taking care yourself first.
I like the colleagues I work with and the organization as whole. They want you to succeed at your job and maintain a career within the organization.
I love working at Uf Health. The atmosphere is very friendly and inviting. Patients and employees are very well taken care of. I have always wanted to work in a hospital and I know for a fact I was hired onto the best facility that there is in North Jacksonville. I would not change a thing about how this hospital works.
I that we have a diversity fair were all employees can set up exhibit's giving detail about their cultural background. We also have a fair were departments set-up tables like vendor with information/education pamphlets describing what their department offers. The company also have a internet site called the Bridge for UF Health employees were we can easily access informative information, upcoming events, a tab to give ideas, and much more! Overall, my experience at UF Health Jacksonville has been continuous growth in education, which I can share with family, and friends. I have seen this company grow in so many areas, and the company still strive for continuous growth. I am glad to be a part of a hospital who have two full hospital locations in Jacksonville, Florida. Check-out or North Campus in Jacksonville!
What I like about Uf Health hospital is that it got great opportunities to move up in there organization. Right now im security office for the hospital of Uf health. As of right now i would not change anything about this place. Its a great learning experience. I get to work with variety of people of different background and careers. The job i'm in is important it to make sure i keep the peace, safety and control in the Uf Health hospital. Which can sometimes be hectic work environment. Cause of the team work at my job we all make this place safe environment to work in. I wouldn't change nothing about my job.
I have been employed here now for 6 years, I have had 3 surgeries here and all of my doctor's are through this hospital. I have had the best experience with my treatment and co-workers here at UF. I wouldn't have my treatment or procedure done anywhere else. The doctors are thorough and they take their time to figure out exactly what is wrong with you. They also respond to all of my questions in a timely manner and if something isn't working for me they assist me finding something else that may help me. They are friendly and personable which makes me comfortable with dealing with them at every visit.
Uf Health is among the best Hospital in Jacksonville. I always thanks God for giving me the opportunity to work at Uf Health. It is a teaching hospital i have learn a lot about patient care. I have been working at Uf Health since February 2017 as Patient Care Associate . Uf Health creates a safe and healthy environment for patients and employees. The benefits are great. Overall Uf health is a great place to work. What I would like to change is, in the Downtown campus we need newer technology.
Working at UF is pretty nice. The company is big and diverse. When you first start, you don't feel out of place because all of the other employees offer a hand to help and assist you with anything you need. The only thing I would like to see change is the retirement plans.
So far the staff is very efficient and kind. It makes for a very comfortable workplace. They seem nice and helpful. The director is very well spoken and chooses his words well. No-drama feel to the department so far.
Great Hospital experience some managers need to be trained on how to treat their employees but overall it wasn't bad. Requires a lot of long hours.
UF Health is a hospital of excellence in teaching, studying and learning. It continue to save lives daily. I would recommend this hospital to anyone for care and support. There is nothing it needs to change but it just needs to keep on saving lives daily. The hospital never fails because it gives it's all no matter what.
I like that tis company really cares about their employees. Your not just a body to them. they make sure everyones health is up to part or give you time off for health and your family. Getting medical coverage here is so cheap for the employees. its really one f the biggest perks for me because I have small children
I have worked at UF Health for 12 years. I started out as a Clerk and now enjoy working as a Financial Representative in the Radiology department. It is a very diverse and wonderful place to work.
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