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1250 16th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
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It's truly an amazing place to work at with people who really respect their craft and are willing to teach incoming employees! It's a great learning experience especially for those whoa re interested in going into the healthcare field whether it be in administration or with hands-on patient care. It is a drive away especially for those who do not live around the area, but the work-life environment makes it all worth it.
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Once a year, we turn on our out of office greetings and gather together to engage in team bonding activities. It helps us build our trust with one another, mitigate conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration. Its nice because it doesn't feel like a day at the office. It's fun and allows us to bond with one another more organically! I understand work needs to get done but I wish we had more days like this.
My experience at UCLA has been incredible. Everyday we are surrounded by educated therapist that take pride in servicing each child. The parents are very engaged and love to her updates and be involved in any therapeutic interventions. The thing I would likely improve on would be the hours. It is only 75% time so I wish the days were longer, as they would be at another typical job experience.