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UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital Reviews

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I love working for the company. Everything about the company is good from the pay to the benefits to the peers. Overall these company has been the best company that I have chosen to work for and to help me continue my education and career.
Great company to work for and great culture
They make sure you are supported through orientation and if you don’t feel comfortable they will give you extra time in any department of needed. The culture is very accommodating, they don’t blame for mistakes they make sure they teach so it doesn’t happen in the future
I love the family feel we have here! Everyone knows each other. The hospital works well together with all disciplines.
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Higher pay for CNAs would be great. Overall it is a good work environment. The nurses and CNAs work well together and management tries to help as much as they can.
UC has a great philosophy. They encourage learning and growth. They have good recognition programs. The only negative I have to say is that they struggle with staffing, more often due to not wanting to have "too" much staff per shift than not having enough employees. So basically somebody on top doesn't want to pay for better staffing ratios in certain departments.
Great benefits, fast paced. Overall good place to work. Management and HR transparent and supportive.
out of all the companies i have never worked for anyone better, the amount of support i get from this company is unmatched. If it wasn't for the opportunities and encouragement i have received here i would not be on the career path i am now.
I love working for this company! I've gotten the opportunity to go to a program where I can be placed into a position. The PAR program helped me feel confident and competent entering into my role. Because of this position, it inspired me to go back to school and level within the company.
UC Health is a great place to work. It's amazing being so close to the city and mountains. I love that is a teaching hospital because you have the opportunities to see and learn many things.
I like I have a job. I would change how long it takes for someone to get a job and all the red tape you have to go through to get an interview.
UCHealth is innovative and research based keeping you accountable for best practices. UCHealth continues to push me to the next level of my career. I feel like I need to be the best version of myself before walking through the doors.
Always looking to improve their processes and give patients the best experience. Also care about employee well-being.
The company I work for is incredible. The staff are focused on our patients and the growth of their current employees and peers. The environment is one of joy and preferring others.
I currently work for uchealth and i’m also a patient, they truly deliver life saving medical care. I have never had my opinion help change lifes before working with uchealth.
I really enjoy this company. The branding is new since it is various hospitals that have been grouped together, so older employees have difficulty with the changes. But new hires are generally very happy. Management is supportive and innovative.
This is the most caring company I have ever worked for. The manager, physicians are very kind and loving people. Always looking out for one another.
I love the environment that I work in. Every unit that I have worked on is so unique and everyone is compassionate and happy to work with.
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I am a contractor and thus far all has been good. The team I am on is very busy but seems to work efficiently and they handle things smoothly.
Very up to date technology, but very large corporation. Maybe a little too big for my taste. Lost the personal touch.
Excellent in benefits, encouraging to pursue continuing education. Managers are very flexible. In the hospital I'm able to pick my own scheduling to work with school and family
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