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I am happy to be working as an Uber driver. The best thing about driving for Uber is the flexibility. I have 4 children and being able to make my own schedule and work around my family's needs while still having the opportunity to contribute to my household financially is great! I feel like the company really values feedback from drivers and I also think that I h ave a good opportunity to make a decent amount of money while driving for Uber. I am really excited about the recent benefit called Uber Pro.
Working with Uber has been critical to my success while attending college full time. I am able to work when and for how long I wish, giving me the flexibility to both attend school full time, as well as pay my bills. The user experience and easy navigation made learning to drive with them easy. I do not think Uber gives the driver a fair percentage of the ride however. While Uber states that they only take 25% of the ride and none of the tips, rides under $5 the driver receives next to nothing, because the app has standard flat-rate fees they take from every ride, often leaving the driver with 40% of the payment.
Tips are also capped at $15, so a 2 hour ride worth over $100, a rider may wish to tip more than $15, but is unable to.
There are many great things about Uber, but the pay rate needs to be improved.
Long term driver and partner, I have been driving for the company over 5 years now and I m enjoying it, the workplace is very friendly and professional, I would recommend it to everyone who s looking for an environment to grow their business and succeed
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Not sure what can be changed. Uber is a app that allows me to work when ever I like. I hear they offer scholarships but must meet high volume of rides to meet that criteria. I enjoy the flexibility but i could use some new tires.
I like the fact that I can work on my own schedule, and not have to worry about other employees slowing me down. I'd like to see the app make a few updates that would benefit all drivers, and the pay for UberEats can be underwhelming sometimes. Overall I don't mind working for Uber.
Uber needs to stop lowering prices and start increasing them. In Boston they are currently about half of the taxi prices. I agree they should be lower but only 10-15% lower. Uber drivers provide a much better service than taxi companies do and should be compensated for what they do. I make sure my car is spotless and give every customer the best service possible.
I love meeting new people and it has given me a sense of honor now that I have consistently high ratings.
Working for Uber has allowed me to bring in extra cash. I’ll only be doing this for a short amount of time. This is specially apparent to me, because after gas and wear on car, it does not seem to be worth it. An open sourced app needs to be created, that way drovers can be their own bosses.
I enjoy the freedom and income that it provides for my family while I'm a full time student and dad.
I'm quite easy to please and a hard worker. Overall I would give Uber a rating of "Very Good" because it suits my needs of a flexible schedule and the ability to work more if I need to. I wouldn't get into it for the money or stability, because both can be nonexistent at times.
Great for students trying to go full time. Flexible schedule and opens doors for connections in your field as riders are from all over the world!
My experience had been alright thus far. I have been employed by Uber for the past seven months and the benefits are helpful. It is an environment you definitely have to get accustomed to. I think what I would like changed is having access to support in the work place. Assistance given to employees when something goes wrong is definitely needed.
I like that you are able to to work on your own time. It is an excellent part time job for college students.
Driving for Uber has been the perfect job for me while attending college. I can work my own hours, so I don't have to juggle a job schedule on top of my school schedule.
I love working for UBER . The only thing I can see that need to change. I think they need a seniority based raises.
As a student, I can choose my hours to study and to make livable wages. The tips are incredible on the weekends and if you are driven and self-motivated, you can make more than enough money to survive college and work part time!
Being able to work on your own time is great but currently, there are too many other drivers and I don't get as many ride requests. The wear and tear and the money spent on gas are not worth it if you are a full-time driver. Sometimes I drive 15+ minutes to pick someone up and they cancel last minute, and I don't get reimbursed from uber for my time and gas.
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I really enjoy working for Uber. They definitely invest in their employees and encourage growth. The compensation is decent and the benefits are great.
Uber is a great opportunity to have a job and work at your time you get to meet all kinds of people and see different locations. uber needs to start offering in small towns and multiple city's in a state.
Flexibility, autonomy, and abilities to earn based on desired goals/initiative are apparent from the beginning.
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