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Uber offers promotions which enable me to earn more income with flexibility. Being your boss and the flexibility of hours worked is a great ability for a driver to create their own hours.
I enjoyed driving for Uber, not specifically FOR Uber, I enjoyed people, talking to them, hearing bits and pieces of their lives. It was like reading a chapter in a book. I loved it in fact, if I could continue to do it privately without Uber would. where I am in Maine it's just not viable.
Uber's "suggestions" on how to be a better "driver" were nonsensical. It was startling that they would suggest what they would. For instance, they suggested to clean the vehicles once a month prior to covid 19. Where I clean my car outside daily, and inside between each person since there is things like lice, MRSA, scabies, colds, etc. Beginning covid, requirement went up to more than once a month, after first month requirement went up to once weekly. I wrote back asking " I don't have to clean my car between each person? Because I always have."They don't stand by their drivers if anything happens, not sure why they get the money they do. Drivers should unite and make their own business.
The flexibility of the hours of work, the ability for someone to work on their own time. I also like how the company takes care of both the riders and the drivers equally.
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Uber markets its company as a partnership and it feels exactly like that. The pay is incredible especially when compared to other driving services. Uber is one of the few companies that makes their employee needs just as important as their costumer needs. This is imperative in building trusting relationships with their employees and creating safe spaces for them.
As a former City of Chicago Taxi Driver, Uber has succeeded in making its ride sharing app the most convenient mode of transportation. The effortless ability to get a ride at your finger tips provide for less waiting in inclement weather. I like the fact that ever day is different -- you never know who you will pick up, you never know where you are going, and you never know how much you will earn from that ride. With each and every person brings new experiences.
I love almost everything about Uber. It is extremely convenient and I can work when I want. The riders have been a pleasure to assist and I love to engage in conversation with them during the ride. However, there is one drawback of Uber that I have not experienced in a workplace prior. Uber does not take taxes out of your earnings for you, so you will be responsible for coming up with a fairly decent amount of cash at the end of the period to pay taxes. I also find it somewhat unfair that Uber does not allow the drivers to see the passengers final destination prior to accepting the ride, unless you have earned a large amount of points. How does that make sense? You have to earn your safety?
There is a lot of freedom in choosing when and where you want to work. There is very little by way of support and it is very hard to earn a good living this way. It also puts a lot of strain on your vehicle.
You are able to choose your own hours, but you are responsible for your own supplies as well. Gas, food, water, passenger supplies all come out of your pocket. However, you also choose your own rates as well.
Great flexible hours and the pay is usually great when there's not a global pandemic going on out here. As long as students are in town there will always be work
This company is awesome to work for if you are a college student. I do wish it was busier in the area I live in.
This particular company offers the best flexibility I’ve had the opportunity to experience and allows you the chance to learn about the city or town you reside in. Transportation of some kind is required and technically you are self employed as a partner of the company.
This job is great for a college student. I really enjoy the flexibility of hours since I make them myself. I would like to see a change in some app improvements for sure.
I have worked over 3 years at this company. The Leadership Team is completely in touch with the business. This is by far the most employee friendly company that I have worked in. Professional, hard working, top notch employees.
The pay was good at first but was consistently lowered over the course of 3 years. The best part was the hours and the flexibility. They don't care about you at all. you are only a number to them.
There are some changes that need to occur on the app. Such as the 2 min wait-time starting before the car is at the location. Which is unfair to the customer with unavoidable circumstances such as the driver being at a red light or traffic before reaching the customer. Also, the company needs to either pay the drivers a wage, or tell them upfront about how their taxes will be viewed at the end of the year at least quarterly. Or give them ways to help offset the tax burden. I myself was caught off guard with how much I have to pay late in the year to avoid a tax penalty.
Lyft Safety
Lyft is a popular riding service that individuals use as a form of transportation similar to a taxi. Lyft has advertised themselves as an "Industry Leading" drive screening practice. Lyft claims to use a company that does. I'm not so sure this is true, because when they hired me. As soon as I turned in my, and make and model of my vehicle. The checks are also supposed to check several registries such as the National Sex Offender Registry and National. In Anderson, Indiana uber rideshare has not yet become available.
Working for Uber is great fit for a college student.San Diego has a lot of conference's and events that bring people here from all over the world,and they need rides to get were their going. Somr customer are extremely interesting ,other not so much and still others need to be dropped off not quite where they had wanted. " Here let me help you with those bags" not/not to worry most are not like that
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I am happy to be working as an Uber driver. The best thing about driving for Uber is the flexibility. I have 4 children and being able to make my own schedule and work around my family's needs while still having the opportunity to contribute to my household financially is great! I feel like the company really values feedback from drivers and I also think that I h ave a good opportunity to make a decent amount of money while driving for Uber. I am really excited about the recent benefit called Uber Pro.
Working with Uber has been critical to my success while attending college full time. I am able to work when and for how long I wish, giving me the flexibility to both attend school full time, as well as pay my bills. The user experience and easy navigation made learning to drive with them easy. I do not think Uber gives the driver a fair percentage of the ride however. While Uber states that they only take 25% of the ride and none of the tips, rides under $5 the driver receives next to nothing, because the app has standard flat-rate fees they take from every ride, often leaving the driver with 40% of the payment.
Tips are also capped at $15, so a 2 hour ride worth over $100, a rider may wish to tip more than $15, but is unable to.
There are many great things about Uber, but the pay rate needs to be improved.
Long term driver and partner, I have been driving for the company over 5 years now and I m enjoying it, the workplace is very friendly and professional, I would recommend it to everyone who s looking for an environment to grow their business and succeed
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