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4301 West Markham Street Mail Slot 612
Little Rock, AR 72205
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I have found in my time working for UAMS (The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences) to be an outstanding opportunity. One will have many opportunities for expanding career education and experience on a regular basis. The employees are kind and fun to be around. The work is challenging, but not to the point of being burdensome. Advancement opportunities are available to people who desire them and are willing to work for them. There is community involvement and outreach ongoing, making this an organization where people truly desire to help others. Forward thinking and innovative are words that describe their technology.
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I love the company that I work for. They are actually really good to their employees from what I can tell. I love the management and I can only speak from what I see and not anything else. My pay is very decent and I am treated with respect and there is definitely an open book policy if I have an issue. I am treated fairly and we have luncheons on a regular basis. The employees are appreciated and we are made sure that it is known. In the event that an employee experiences a tragedy or a loss in their family, donations are taken up and love is definitely shown. What I would like to see changed is maybe talk of employee assistance with personal things such as housing assistance because there was talk of that at one point because that is a teaching hospital and we have residents and students come from all over.
UAMS Medical Center is a great place to work! Employees are rewarded for hard work and dependable conduct, the pay is competitive and UAMS has been first in instituting raises and cost of living pay increases. The benefits and medical plans are very, very competitive as well.