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Other than feeling like staff is a little under paid, it is a great place to work with awesome benefits.
University of Birmingham is one the biggest employees of the state of Alabama. The company highly believes in healthcare and education. To work for a company that take pride in their employees and encourage you to further your education by providing free education is beyond the best place to work. To provide reasonable healthcare to employees with options is more the reason to work for them. The vision University of Birmingham is beyond the best and Simply proud to be working for a wonderful company. GOOOO! BLAZERS!!!
I truly enjoy working for UAB as a whole, but as far as my department, I do not think it is a healthy, or fair work environment and I am desperately trying to find a way out. The Radiology department has a manager that does not have any of the tech's back on anything and we all feel as though he is against us, not for us. That being said, I want to remain working for UAB, but in a completely different department, as far away as possible.
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UAB is a good place to work overall. It is culturally diverse. Allows you to grow as an employee. Good benefits and environment.
UAB Hospital is very culturally diverse and fast-paced. It is a great place to learn and see things never seen before. I have wanted to work there since I was a child. When I was hired, I was ecstatic! Since then, the experience has been great. UAB Hospital cares for it’s employees and offers competitive benefits. I can honestly say that I will work here until I retire.
Ever since I started working at UAB hospital my experience has been great compared to my previous job. I enjoy meeting new people and creating new relationships. However, after working there for 2 years the only improvement UAB needs to work on is communication from leadership to employees down to patients.
UAB is a very rewarding institution to work for with great benefits. Only downside I would point out would be traffic. If you can overlook sitting in rush hour traffic to get to and from work, UAB is a wonderful place to work at with endless opportunities to further your career.
UAB is a great place to learn and grow professionally. I believe that I made the best decision by choosing to work here versus any other hospital in the Birmingham and surrounding areas.
GREAT PLACE TO WORK! Everyone is super nice and friendly. The environment is giving. The departments run effectively.
I have been employed with UAB Hospital for over four years. I have floated to many different units, some good and some not so good. I have learned a lot about patient care and working with people of different races, socioeconomic status, religion, racists, homeless and the mentally ill. It has made me more thankful and grateful. There are still some areas of bias toward certain employees, how some nurses care for patients of color, how some units are managed. The lack of communication is a big issue here and the inability for some staff members to put their differences aside and work as a team.
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