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I really enjoy the closeness I feel with my co-workers. I do wish the training was a bit better. The pay is good, the managers are (mostly) supportive.
I do like the ability to help customers meet their needs, sometimes it can be overwhelming not having enough help during more busy times. Otherwise good company to work for.
My experience at U-Haul has been good and bad. They have a competitive pay, but the management could be better. U-Haul's management team does not seem to care about the overall well-being of their employees. They are strictly focused on the numbers they are putting out. For example; I got sick and when I got back to work the store manager came up not to ask how I was doing but to make sure I was good to go back to work.
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I enjoy the environment here at U-Haul. One of the things that I really like here, is that they are very supportive on being healthy and eating healthier.
Uhaul is a great company to work for, but I feel as though there are a little to hard on their sales dept. I hope they would change their sales quoto.
I have been with this Uhaul Center in Pine Bluff for a little I have to say that I have had an amazing experience with this center and company! From working with my co-workers and my manager has been pleasure and very cooperative atmosphere. Me being a full time student and able to work and enjoy it is amazing. My experience and knoweledge has vastly grown since I have started with this company. From face-to-face with customers, to understanding needs of customers, increase time managment skills, to on hands experince, the list can go on and on. Love my expeirence with Uhaul!
It's great to be able to work from the comfort of my own home. The company offers a great support system and a motivating management team. Communication is open as well, making it easy to stay in touch with colleagues and management.
The environment is very people friendly. The day to day activities range from cleaning, dealing with customers, and so much more. My favorite part about m job is the room for growth, as well as the flexibility. Being a full time college student, trying to find a job that would work with me in regards to my class schedule was difficult; but when applying for U-Haul, they were completely understanding and took me on board without any issues.
This particular location (51st & Highway 169 in Tulsa, OK) has been nothing but great for me in the past time working here.
David is a great manager and there are some nice people that work here, and nice customers that come in for the most part.
U-Haul management could use some revision, as it takes several days to weeks to get anything through management and higher.
The company is definitely profit and money focused, and that shows all the way down to the CSR level.
Overall a good company to work for. Moonlighter positions are flexible.
I like my manager, he is very cool and understanding and that's what makes the job much easier. The hours are very flexible and allows enough room for you to have a life outside of work. The pay is also decent and the job is pretty rewarding.
Good place to work. Easy to learn the work tasks and can always find help. A laid back environment is encouraged while work is done.
U-Haul is a great company to work for. There is tons of room for growth, they treat their employees with respect and they pay fair. I have never felt so welcomed into a company. They are so flexible with family schedules, I can't see myself going anywhere else.
I enjoy my work from home job for uhaul. The company has been very patient and understanding. I'm lucky to work for such a wonderful company. When I had to take a medical leave of absence they understood and provided me with all the time necessary.
My experience working for U-Haul so far has been exceptional. I work from home which is extremely convenient as a student. I work as a sales representative for U-Haul and have been connecting with people across the country through my computer.
Good experience. Communication is great with management. They take a real hands on approach and steps in when needed. Flexible work hours for college students. Staff relations is heathy.
Uhaul is challenging work with a less than stellar support staff. Typically your in-person help is great, in store customer service reps tend to know what they're talking about and aside from a bad habit of passing buck onto the next nearest location there is little to complain about. Call centers making promises you cannot keep is where you run into the bulk of your problems. They frequently have no idea what they're talking about and you are expected to suffer for their inability to do their jobs.
Fast paced work days. The company provides all courses necessary to train employees. Most positions are part time which is great for as a second job or of your going to school. Very laid back work environment.
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I would like more compensation for the work we put up with customers and employees alone. Better growth opportunities with less stressing restrictions. Stability, because honestly one upset customer can ruin your name in the UHaul nation and then make you a bad rep for no reason, when a lot of the times customer always want something free or discounted for no reason then get mad when we are following company rules.
It is a part- time job with decent pay. Uhaul doesnt really have great benefits and no school or tution programs, but its 5 minute commute. The pay is decent, enough to make it by for some bills. Training is sub-par but its is a fairly easy job to pick up on.
It was ok. Left because of lack of growth opportunities. The job paid the bills, but that wasn't enough. Lack of planning on managements part was also a big issue as it caused issues within my department.
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