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The management in this company in the Wilkesboro location are so cruel to their employees. The turnover rate is ridiculously high. The Tyson Foods fresh plant in Wilkesboro, NC is truly a disappointment. It is one of the very few places many people in such a small town have the option to work at and the way they are treated is not just at all. I wish the best for the workers in the plant and I hope that management gets better so they can keep good employees to stay. The positive things about Tyson is that the employees get a weekly paycheck and the pay rate is pretty decent.
The major change I would've liked to see was their stance on health and safety. Training Staff "encouraged" personal hygiene but they don't demonstrate, to the meat cutters, how to properly wash hands. I would recommend to all customers to cook the living shit out of Tyson food.
Also, there was the oddity of an on-site pastor. Technically, he wasn't a counselor, but there for moral support. Unfortunately, I don't trust a white man who thinks he better than me, so I never went to him for guidance. Furthermore, with the diverse cultural backgrounds at Tyson, I wouldn't think an on-site pastor would be useful for most of the workers there. A regular shrink would probably do more good.
I am currently and employee of Tyson food for 3 years now. I enjoy the atmosphere and the dedicated staff that make it possible to get the consumers quality products out and on time.
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I work in the Amarillo Tyson Plant, and my experience is very pleasant. I work in the OHS dept. and everyday is always a good day especially working with nurses. Some days are hectic but all I care about is the Team Member's well-being. Inside the plant is very diversified and one of the main things that I look forward to everyday is the fact that we have cultures from different places, backgrounds, religion, and history. Tyson is a good place to work at. It may be rough on the floor but I respect everyone who does because there is no easy job in there. It's also a good place because no matter what it gives all people a chance. People who were coming from different countries and the people who were recently in prison who came home to start living a better life. My overall experience has been very pleasing.
So far my experience at Tyson has been pretty good. The only thing I would like to see changed would be the point system. I believe after 90 days employees should get 11 points instead of just 7, or at least only give employees half a point at a time instead of a full point. With low points it’s hard to be able to take a day off if a child or even you are sick.
Tyson came in, purchased the company I worked for and couldn’t offer me a job after I’d been there for 20 years.
Being an Intern, in I.T. it’s a big step in. Tyson was my first job. However, it is a great environment. Everyone communicates and gets to the point. Managers doesn’t tip toe around issues that are happening. Tyson encourages different activities, such as, playing games, learning how to improve your eating habits, and exercising. There are various benefits to being a student and working at Tyson. They give an opportunity for Tyson students to apply for scholarships.
Tyson is a good local company to work for. This location in Rome, Georgia makes granola bars. The salary is reasonable for a town with a low to medium cost of living expense. If you are hard working this is the place for you.
I've been working for this company for 2 years and it was the best decision I've ever made. Management is great and the team members are very welcoming. I've been given numerous opportunities and I'm very grateful. Tyson Foods is a great company glad I work there.
The structuralb development of operations runs like a well oiler machine. However, the ever present drama can cause unnecessary anxiety and stress. This could be mitigated by installing an incentiveprogramof some sort.
The job is fun I was a maintenance technician. Every day was something new and something to learn.The bad part is the training is not good or non existent
I interned in the procurement department and learned a lot! The culture is very welcoming and almost everyone I worked with was very encouraging.
Tyson is an average place to work. Good policies but poor opportunities to grow. I applied many times to different jobs, but never got them, even though I’m college student . Jobs that required more knowledge and skills. Other jobs they offer are very physically demanding.
They offer good benefits and I can’t complain about that. Also, they have good safety policies. Tyson offers to help people in-need, and encourages their team members (immigrants) to become USA citizens.
During the nine years I have worked there, I met many nice people. Now I’m going to study fulltime so I can get a better job.
I liked everything about Tyson. they so clean and organized. They really care about you compared to the other plants. And its the best plant to go too.
In my first year with this company, I have advanced further with my degree than I would ever achieve without it.
It's not a bad place to work. Just have to get used to a cold climate and working long hours if you're on second shift. They pay weekly. It's very good money. You only get one 45 min break though. I think they should give a solid hour for break.
Working for Tyson Foods is the best decision I ever made in my life the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. I have come to love working in a team oriented job and learning new things everyday.
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During my time at Tyson foods, it's a decent job,
it pays well, its guaranteed hours, guaranteed check, no layoffs.
Tyson pays well and gives frequent raises, and rewards you for being at work on time every day.
Tyson also has a good rate for climbing the ladder from floor too supervisor if you want it, its a very friendly, family-oriented corporation...
my biggest complaint is the continuous repetitive work, same thing every day 12 hours a day, they should start rotating jobs monthly so that individuals don't get burnt out on the same old job everyday...
I like the pay and vacation. I would like to see more upward mobility for those of us that cannot afford college but have experience
Great Co-workers and benefits. Great movement within company. Some micro-management which can be annoying. Lots of specialists coming in who have little experiance but a degree and think they know better than experianced workers. can be miscommunication. But over all little drama and a decent recognition for a job well done.
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