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It was fast paced, good hours in the summer but slower in the winter time. Management was difficult at times to deal with. Summer you would be barely home. Get done with a move at 9pm and have to come back in at 7am. Customers would lie about how many items they had to try and shorten the move but it cost them in the end
The overall atmosphere of the organization was great. The franchise owners do have a true sense of work family but they are often unaware of anything that is going on within their own company. Often had difficulty hiring people as a mover/drivers as nobody wanted to do that job, even though we were paying above average for the position. Management, especially Operations is often put through the ringer pulling 16-18 hour days on a salary compensation.
The money was good and I made great friends with all of my colleagues. Management was terrible. They never stood by their word. There were no repercussions for peoples actions.
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Working at Two Men And A Truck has given me a lot of business experience. I have had the opportunity to learn aspects of Human Resources and Accounting. The culture at Two Men And A Truck is family based. There is an open door policy where if anyone has concerns they can talk to the franchisee about it.
I have really enjoyed my time working with Two Men and a Truck. The franchise in Boise is excellent and maintains high standards of quality. Tough manual labor but that helps create a work place environment that fosters a great work ethic. The core group of guys that works at the company is totally awesome. The management provides good leadership and has worked well with me over the couple years that I have worked there. They have been flexible and willing to work with my schedule as I have gone part time during portions of the year while going to school. Would recommend!
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