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5151 Belt Line Rd Suite 1200
Dallas, TX 75254
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I loved working here. There was the usual drama but that’s going to come at any job. It was pretty minimal to be honest. I made such great money and always had a blast at work. The girls were mostly pretty fun. Management wasn’t too bad. Food was always delishious and the menu changed every 4-6 months or so, which is always a plus. The discount was AMAZING! 50% OFF for 4 people at 3 different restaurants? Yes!
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What I liked about Twin Peaks was how I was given the opportunity to make money while having conversations with my guests. It was an easy and fun hospitality job. I got to make friends with a lot of the staff, and it was like a sisterhood in a way. I also got to learn more about how to improve my physical appearance and social skills. Twin Peaks would also provide discounted memberships to gyms and beauty services. While this job had very fun perks, I didn't like the stigma of being a woman that worked at a restaurant with a revealing outfit and the disrespect that you get from people for it.
I've worked at my Twin Peaks location since the first day we opened in 2013! I absolutely love it. I've met numerous wonderful people by working here.