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800 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111
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Love working here and it’s given me great experience as I advance my career! I have grown as a person and learned so much from my patients as well as my coworkers. As I work towards my future career, I will always be happy that I was able to get my first real job here.
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Overall the environment of the workplace is inviting and teamwork is definitely noticeable. There are very few things I would point out as issues. One of which is how the hospital poorly focuses on nutrition for employees. There are minimal to no benefits for what employees can eat, and no discounts for food purchases. Often due to limited time, I will see employees frequently eat processed and unhealthy meals.
Working at tufts for almost 2 years has been an eye opening experience. As a perspective nursing student, I feel as though the experiences I have had have help to further my desire to become a nurse. I also feel as though I have gained knowledge to help excel in future nursing programs that I otherwise would not have received if it had not been for Tufts