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I have worked here for 3 years and have loved it. I recently had a baby and they accommodated for that and have been amazing through it all.
It's an enjoyable job with great coworkers and an amazing manager, however the pay is very little. I could make $13 elsewhere and the customers are horrid.
My specific store has amazing management. They are understanding of my education and have always supported their employees schedule changes because of classes. I feel very confident and comfortable there, and get along with everyone. We have a very clean and organized store because we're proud of it and we respect our manager. However, I have noticed small problems with corporate and their opposition to advertising more to a younger demographic. Most of our customers are 40+ but I know that 20+ would love the store if they knew more about it. It's mostly social media and online presence that is missing. They could also benefit from better compensation and benefits for their employees, especially the ones who have been there for over 20 years.
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Manager has excellent customer service skills that she passes on to her associates. Environment is flexible and easygoing. Corporate efficiently monitors stores and helps with store opening efforts.
It's a lovely place to work, they've consistently worked with my schedules, and the other staff there are very friendly. As far as retail goes, I can't advise a better store to work at. It was my first job and I continue coming back to the company as much as I can because it's just such a lovely place to work at.
They were very accommodating to my school schedule. Hours changed very frequently and no room for growth or development
Tuesday Morning is great company to work for. They provide a great balance between life and work. Tuesday Morning offers a wide variety of product that is perfect for anyone. My co-workers have become my second family and my guests have become great friends.
Everything in the retail here is evolving, changing, and with flexible hours and great people to work with. We thrive and its a nice place to work in retail.
Excellent boss, good pay for the area I'm in, and flexible scheduling for school. This is an excellent job, especially for students.
A workplace better for people who only want to work 15hrs a week. Pay could be better. A messy workplace due to it being an outlet style store and they send alot of merchandise each week. Cheap and interesting items. relaxed kinda boring work environment your either cashiering or recovering. The store I worked at only had two shifts. either morning or evening. high turnover rate at the store! Manager was uncomfortable to work with.
My experience working with Tuesday Morning Corp. is definitely one for the books. It is a very slow paced job, but you get a chance to interact with the customers on a more personal level. I enjoy the fact that it closes early.

The things I feel that could need a change is, there hardly seems to be any room to move around. It’s so limited space in most of the Tuesday Morning stores I have been in.
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Tuesday Morning is a company that is constantly growing, changing, and expanding. It has been such a pleasure to work here and still is as I continue to perform tasks that benefits my location and co-workers. The hours are great for a busy student and our managers are always willing to change and be flexible with our hours to better accommodate our academic situation. If hours aren't meeting our minimum, we can always gain hours from other locations nearby and help out in anyway we can because Tuesday Morning as a whole, in different locations, is a family and we need to help each other whenever we can.

I enjoy my time at Tuesday Morning and will continue to enjoy my time as I be a part of this growing company.
I love working at Tuesday Morning! Best retail job I’ve ever worked. I currently work as a keyholder and our little store staff is more like a secondary family than just coworkers. The management at our location is fantastic and what I’ve experience of upper management is also good. They provide oversight while still allowing you some freedom in what you are doing (displays, etc). The flexible hours are super helpful since I’m in school and they are so good to work around my class schedule. I’m really glad I chose to apply here when I did.
I loved the coworkers and the engaging, revolving work environment! The company is doing well and is always welcoming to new members!The thing that I would change is the consistency of hours sometimes its 8, sometimes its 15, and sometimes its 25 and then it will drop all the way down again.
I love working at Tuesday Morning! Everyone is so close we're like a family. The only less than ideal part of this job is that you don't get very many hours. It's a great job for students or those who are retired. You get to meet some really awesome customers and each week we get new items so it's like Christmas every Monday.
I do take pride in my work and always try to exceed expectations to show that I care for my employer as to make things presentable and professional at all times. Currently I don't feel that I'm valued as part of a team, most employees will make mistakes but we are grilled constantly and never given positive criticism. I personally was not given a proper orientation to be made aware of the process of an app that is needed to request days off. I love my co workers and love the store I work in. Just seems management could do a little better, in rewarding, possibly incentives to succeed, motivation to give 100% to all customers. Only thing that I'm aware of is employee appreciation to where an additional 20% is added to an already set 20% discount. Meaning since I am appreciated that I get to spend my hard earned money at the very store I work for.
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I really like my coworkers, and we get a lot of great customers. I really enjoy helping the customers and getting to know the regulars. The job wouldn't be so bad if the store stayed organized. It would also be nice to have enough hours to get done all that needs to be done, including keeping the store neat. And it doesn't seem fair that there is no pay raise for getting promoted to a higher position within the store when there are extra responsibilities involved. I work with great, hard-working people, but I am not sure how I feel about the Tuesday Morning corporation. My coworkers and the nice customers are what keep me sane at that job.
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