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6250 Lbj Freeway
Dallas, TX 75240
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I love working at Tuesday Morning! Best retail job I’ve ever worked. I currently work as a keyholder and our little store staff is more like a secondary family than just coworkers. The management at our location is fantastic and what I’ve experience of upper management is also good. They provide oversight while still allowing you some freedom in what you are doing (displays, etc). The flexible hours are super helpful since I’m in school and they are so good to work around my class schedule. I’m really glad I chose to apply here when I did.
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My specific store has amazing management. They are understanding of my education and have always supported their employees schedule changes because of classes. I feel very confident and comfortable there, and get along with everyone. We have a very clean and organized store because we're proud of it and we respect our manager. However, I have noticed small problems with corporate and their opposition to advertising more to a younger demographic. Most of our customers are 40+ but I know that 20+ would love the store if they knew more about it. It's mostly social media and online presence that is missing. They could also benefit from better compensation and benefits for their employees, especially the ones who have been there for over 20 years.
I loved the coworkers and the engaging, revolving work environment! The company is doing well and is always welcoming to new members!The thing that I would change is the consistency of hours sometimes its 8, sometimes its 15, and sometimes its 25 and then it will drop all the way down again.