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About Tucanos Brazilian Grill...
PO Box 280548
Lakewood, CO 80228

About Tucanos Brazilian Grill

Food & Beverage
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Tucanos Brazilian Grill Reviews

3 reviews
I've been grateful for this job but I do not see or with to see myself here for very long. They only give half hour breaks in between double shifts, they're unsympathetic about requesting time off for holidays, and they always expect you to work from open to close if necessary (13+ hours with 1 half-hour break). There are also times where they don't let you clock on but the expect you to wait when it's convenient for them for you to clock on; I have waited for almost 2.5 hours to finally clock on after my required shift time.
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Working at Tucanos is a great experience. The managers are very friendly and know everyone by name. The atmosphere is very festive, and most everybody I know that goes there leaves happy and full.
I enjoy it the pay is really good especially for a college student. Management is cool and I enjoy the people I work with