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I enjoyed working there but I am looking for something more challenging and also a different job where there is room for promotion. At this rate, I will still be a cashier no matter long I choose to work there. There is little chance that I will make a living wage as a cashier.
I like that it’s a smaller company with few employees. You get to know each other really well and you become a family.
I like my hours which allow me to be home for my son while my husband goes to his job. I would like to see the point system go away for sick or early leave.
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The people (both customers and co-workers) and environment are wonderful. I have learned what you put in to something you will get out. It is a learning opportunity that will guide me through my life journey in the future. A very fulfilling experience.
It is a good first job, having friendly staff, plenty of projects to keep me busy and receptive managers.
This is a very nice place to work accept for the fact that I was told I would get a raise and it never happens. U get unnoticed. Other than that I'm glad I had the opportunity to be a Qualheims employee.
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