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True North Federal Credit Union Reviews

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Member service industry, members are important. Branches should have more in-depth training to minimize mistakes. Favoritism is a problem within departments.
I enjoy working at True North Federal Credit Union. Management listens to all types of employees and encourage growth. Friendly and member centered.
I enjoy working at TNFCU. I would suggest the company looks within the organization for hires even when the employee does not have a degree. Promotion seems to be based on how much schooling the employee had, but some of the best employee's do not have a degree because of financial reasons.
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I like that I feel confident I won’t lose my job, and management cares for the employees. I’m happy with the benefits TNFCU has, and I enjoy what I do. I would like to be able to work remote, and my position is something that can be done remotely. However, management does not encourage it, and I’m hoping they will change their mind when I ask again. Due to my health I have to move to a warmer, dryer place, and I would love to stay with TNFCU if they would let me.
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