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15810 North 28th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85053
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I would like a better sense of stability regarding the government contracting issues we are facing. As things stand, we may all be looking for a new job after September due to the government not awarding the contracts for the next 5 years to anyone. The primary reason we exist seems to be forgotten which is to help our nations veterans obtain the medical care they need and deserve.
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There have been cut backs recently on job positions as TriWest lost on of the contracts. I would like there to be more notice prior to employees being let go. I love working for TriWest as a veteran because the company is devoted to taking care of our country's veterans. They have great customer service and there are truly amazing individuals working at TriWest alongside our nations veterans.
Poor morale towards the end due to new management which intermixed having too much fun with work. People began to lose focus and it became unruly. Supervisors turned the other cheek when a coworker began harassing many females on the job and tried to ask a lot of married women.