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Tristar Skyline Medical Center Reviews

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This hospital feels a lot like home. You’ll get very attached to the coworkers, doctors, nurses, techs, and any other personnel you’ll come in contact with. I was at this hospital for 3 years in the float pool and I absolutely loved it! I just had a bigger better opportunity else where. I would’ve given it a 5 star rating however they have petty drama like any other work place. I promise if you stick to you duties and don’t cause any ruckus for yourself you’ll thrive here! Good luck!
I love the culture of the hospital and the family like atmosphere. There is an excitement throughout the hospital to be the best that we possibly can be and to serve our patients the best that we can.
I love working here and helping patients. This is a fast paced work environment with team layer employees. We get a lot of traumas and see a lot of different cases. Each trauma and case is handled in a fast pace and no one is treated any differently
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I love working here. Hours are flexible and the environment is fast paced but can have its down times too. The rush of working in the ER and seeing all the different traumas that come in and that are handled in fast paced and timely is so great. Employees work together and help each other out. Everyone works as a team when needed. No ones job is more important than anyone elses. Everyone plays a part in saving the lives of people that come. Skylines sees a high volume of patients and makes sure everyone gets the same care and no one is turned away.
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