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407 3rd St SE
Minot, ND 58701
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I feel that I have learned a lot working as a nursing assistant at this facility. However, I also believe that my assistant manager could be nicer to the staff. She is not understanding when emergencies come up and is harsh when you try to take a vacation/time off using PTO. The staff seems to work well together when the assistant manager is not around. She does not care about the staff like she should, and she does not help the staff when needed. Instead, she will push high numbers of patients on nurses and not help with the patient care unless they are specifically her patients.
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I would like if we could use sick leave for our first day sick instead of PTO. I would like if the schedule was more flexible for vacation. I would like if we could use sick leave for doctors’ appointments. I would like if we could use FMLA for not just parents and grandparents funerals but spouse’s immediate family funerals. I would like if the equipment was up to date. I do like the diversity in patients and opportunities to learn. I do like that the policies are clear. I do not like that PTO is applied per manager discretion.
Trinity is not standing still. It’s growing in positive fashion. Just announced new hospital campus construction. They have been adding doctors and services in the community. It’s exciting. If I wasn’t retired I’d like to work there and be a part of the excitement.