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My company is good as a college job and it pays the bills. I will say however that the corporate structure is disconnected with the average employees. In Oregon minimum wage is rising and TA is behind the times. I dislike the attitude that our corporate office gives lower level employees. The company would benefit by more competitive wages and it would work out many of the problems that our site faces in terms of an employment pool. I will say that my site managers are awesome and try to make the best environment for us.
My experience for almost 11 years of employment has been challenging, enlightening, fun and educational. i have learned a lot and what to continue learning. what would i change? Right now i can't think of anything. I enjoy my position.
My coworkers were great. A lot of the regular drivers are kind locals. I would like to see the prices change. I understand that there is a minimum quota to meet but based on portion size at the deli many of the employees and customers agree that the food is not worth it. But being the only non fast food place around the drivers are forced to pay the absurd amount of over $11 for a small not so filling plate of decent grade food. There also needs to be better management.
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Management is fair and flexible on work hours. employees are a mixed bag, some are very good others come to work for a pay check. Cashiers are lackidaisacal and are rarely willing to go above and beyond.
Nice company. Very Professional. Many opportunities for advancement. Good and understanding co-workers and supervisors.
What i like about my job at travelcenters of america is the customers that i get to meet on a day to day basis. I work the graveyard shift and its quiet and peaceful. The people that i work with make my night go by smoothly. I enjoy the 20% discount that we recieve and the wages that they pay but honestly its alot of things that could cbange other than that. Its not a bad place to work i enjoy my regulars and their personalities they make working there more interesting
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