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My overall experience has been a positive one with TSA. The pay is very good for the work that we perform. I come from a customer service background so dealing with angry and frustrated passengers was something I did not have to adjust to. I was able to receive a lot of training in effective communication in my years of service with TSA so that has been very beneficial at work and at home. I think the biggest thing that the organization needs to work on is boosting employee morale. The front line officers deal with a lot of issues from the traveling public, such as degrading comments and frustrations being directed towards them. They also must fulfill the goals of the agency and sometimes that is lost with management. They are so focused on achieving the goal that they forget about the well-being of their officers, and that is why employee morale lacks within the agency.
It's a thankless job, my coworkers and I feel as if we are unappreciated and over worked. I have worked at 2 different airports in 2 years and both places have the same type of disgruntled employees, there are so many inconsistencies in the administration.
Good starting place for the Federal Government. Not too hard of a job, but can be mentally draining. Experiences can vary greatly from airport to airport.
Positives: Easy to transfer to different locations, government benefits, can promote fairly easily if you really want to, benefits for part-time workers, schedules can be flexible with the right coworkers
Negatives: Deal with people that don’t appreciate you, pay isn’t as good compared to other government agencies on the GS pay scale, lacks some of the extra benefits that other agencies provide like tuition assistance, not much incentive to go up the ranks as far as screeners go as pay usually isn’t worth the headache
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It was an interesting experience. While the job itself is repetitive, the people you meet make it interesting. I would suggest that management do a better job, they're the reason why retention is so low.
It is good if you have kids because there is many shifts available and the health care is good. Yoh get to meet a lot of people and is very fast paced envitoment.
I like the benefits you can work part time and get full benefits.
Things that can change is the organization of how it is structured. More thorough training. appreciation from passengers would help a lot. yearly reviews the workers should not have to boast when we are doing our job and we shouldn't be told we need to do more above and beyond when we are already stressed out about following procedures to the tee yet everything changes constantly or is left to interpretation. getting complaints form passengers because they have to take their shoes off or have an item that is not allowed to go and they have to surrender it so they go complain to the supervisors and bad mouth us. we are there to screen not to make sure you get to your flight on time. we are there to prevent anything bad happening again.
It's an easy job. Management is horrible very bureaucratic and of inconsistent quality. Fast paced work environment, a lot to do to keep oneself busy.
Not a fun place to work. Coworkers are great. Management not so much. Promotions are few and far unless you're a favorite
We are treated like machines, not human beings. They are quick to punish and slow to give credit to outstanding work. We are constantly told we are not doing a good job and that we are getting paid too much for the work we put out. Supervisors lack management skills and the floor is treated like an elementary school instead of given the environment of security. Passengers are quick-tempered and supervisors inadequate for their jobs. General officers are pushed like a sandwich in-between. I have never seen more people dwindle into depression then any other job.
Low paying government job. Needs to convert to a true GS pay scale because too often there is favoritism in reviews and illegal discrimination towards females.
I really enjoy working here. I feel like I make a real difference! Its hard work, but worth it! If you tough it out, they really take care of you and make you feel appreciated!
I appreciated the opportunity of being able to work in any state. I disliked the favoritism. If a officer is not favored by a supervisor or upper management their work life can be comfortable
Promoted quickly. Friendly co-workers, despite low level of commitment at all levels of the organization.
Experiencing new people on a daily basis and something new happens almost every other day. The training and overall job process is quite long, but this is a great part time job with good benefits and it also allows for flexibility if you are a part time student.
Change in management and rules/ regulations. More flexibility with work/life balance and family issues.
I enjoyed being an intern and learning about corporate planning. I also
Enjoyed the people that work there and also the challenging projects.
I have worked with this company for 10 years. The environment is always changing, there's a mixed diversity of people here. The pay is good, above average. The hours are flexible for the most part, management tries to work with you as best they can depending on staffing. I would recommend it for those in school or who want to advance in the government or federal field.
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The overall concept of TSA is very clear and precise but the culture and conservative views are a bit much. The concept of TSA is to stop and mitigate threats before they get into the airways. The conservative views of the employees and lack of leadership involvement creates a distasteful environment to work in.
Good benefits even part time employees can buy into health care. Retirement is offered and life insurance. Work life balance can be difficult depended upon work location and operational needs.
I have been employed for over 10 years. I have worked with a lot of amazing people. I truly enjoy my job because I get to meet people from all over the world and learn a little bit about there cultures.
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