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The moral of this company is remarkably low. I worked in an Oregon location and half of the office space was empty. My coworkers and my boss all seemed to have no higher priority in their lives than their jobs--because that was how the company forced them to behave. They expect the world from their employees, and in return they are treated with cold disrespect.
As a “sales” intern, there really wasn’t much going on. We were basically glorified secretaries that were paid as low as the company could. It’s really unfortunate when you learn absolutely nothing about the industry or making sales. The bad part is that the total amount of work done in a day depends on a client’s needs. Some days that is 35 minutes out of 8 hours, the rest is spent trying to appear productive.
I love working and serving others through interpreting while at home. The training is superb. Although an increase in pay and time off would not hurt.
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It was a freelance job so hours is super flexible. I found the job on indeed and actually got contacted to go and translated for the client. The manager emails me with great detail on how to support and all. Also the instruction was very clear on how or what the job is so, therefore, it is a really good experience for the job.
I liked my experience because it was my real first job at an office. The company exposed to me to various of departments and I was able to get a lot of hands on experience.
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