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38 Corporate Circle
Albany, NY 12203
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From all of the places I've worked, FYE/Trans World Entertainment is the only one that has allowed me to go to school, help my family, and work while having a flexible schedule. My store manager genuinely cares about his employees. Now between the associates and assistant managers, there's quite a bit of social drama and conflicting personalities that create tension, but what's to be expected from a group of teen and young adult women? There are more chances for growth and opportunities to better yourself than any other place I've worked. I do wish that the uppers at corporate would listen to our view on things before they make decisions. Who honestly knows the stores better than the associates who run them? We may be at the bottom but we know our store, our town, and our customers.
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It's a general retail experience. The company is overwhelming to work with and they have very high expectations for their staffing (close to impossible) which can be exhausting and irritating. The pay is below average, however, there are many opportunities to advance with the company and grow your network through sponsored events with musicians and conventions.
The people are great, but they pay and no benefits and no holiday pay are horrible. The pay needs to go up, it is not livable.