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This was a great place to work. Pay was good, fun environment, training was great and taste tasting everything was always fun!
I love working at Trader Joe's. It's an amazing company full of happy, energetic people, fun products, a generous supply of free food, and truly a heart for community. Trader Joe's emphasis on customer service shines as we value each person as our neighbor. It's common to see people stop and talk as they sip their sample coffee, enjoy a bite to eat at our demo station, and shop through our store. Each store is unique to it's area. Our store has paintings and signs done by local artists. We have some local and regionally produced beers, wines and produce. As a team, we are constantly looking for and implementing ways to improve our efficiency in our work. As workers we get variety in our days because we are trained to do various tasks and sections. Overall, it's a very fun, positive, and special place to work. It's a fantastic company and I would highly recommend working for Trader Joe's.
I was blown away at the friendliness of my coworkers while working for Trader Joe's. They were kind and patient while training me, and I was able to quickly make friends. The environment of working at Trader Joe's was excellent, and I was happy to be working there. I had a hands-on experience tackling different social situations like an unhappy customer or someone who was just hard to handle. Most of the managers were very kind and enthusiastic, and I knew all of them loved their jobs. Although, there was 1-2 that were never in a good mood and had favorites.
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Trader Joe's creates a fun, fast-paced environment. The company is flexible with a student schedule and promotes the importance of a work/life balance.
Trader Joe's is a great company to work for. They have great benifits and it is a great workplace. The managers are very understanding and cares for their employees, normally promoted up, and the crew members are awesome. It is like a big family. The work/life balance depends on when you work during the day, but it is not terrible.
Great company to work for. Competitive pay, great benefits, flexible working hours. Rotate position every hour, not stuck doing the same thing all day long every day. Promotes from within the company.
Management and crew members are great. Its a fast paced job that is relatively easy and very straightforward.
Wonderful and most utterly helping company that has a enthusiastic charisma to it that involves the employees with a great focus on customer experience. Trader Joe's has a upmost respect when it comes to dealing with both it's employees and customers.
This company provides each employee the opportunity to express themselves and work together in a multicultural and diverse workplace. It is an exception place to work.
I've been working for this co. for 2 years so far. Great management, great staff and work environment, hard workers with a lose fun element.
Terrible experience, that's why they say "don't just a book by it's cover. Very hostile environment. Too much favoritism, management is terrible. They don't care about there workers. You can get cut on the job, and they would still expect you to continue working. Pay rate is terrible for the amount of work you do on a daily basis.
It was a excellent place to work I highly recommend it! Everyone is fun and extremely nice. You are rewarded for doing well and the managers help you succeed in your work. You can make life long friends working at Trader Joe’s!! The pay is great and you usually get a raise twice a year and the benefits are better than most employers. There retirement is also excellent!
The company treat employees with respect, care, and dignity. They place emphasis on fun and employee development.
It’s like Disney Land for retail work. All of the core values are amazing. I wish I started here 10 years ago and never went to college.
It is a great company to work for! I am able to go to school full time and the benefits are great. The pay is great. The work environment is friendly and supportive.
Trader Joe’s is a very good company! They have good health Insurance, dental, and vision benefits if you work 30 hours or more. Also if you work well you get a raise every six months with a cap of 24 an hour or so. My only vice with Trader Joe’s is that it’s very limiting on the mind if you want to use your brain a lot and don’t want to move up and become a mate. Also, being pregnant is vey hard at this job. Not only because it is a very physical job but HR doesn’t grant you much leeway when it comes to monitoring what you do and how many breaks you can take. It’s a fast paced environment usually so it’s also frowned upon if you work a little on the slow side. It’s also very hard on your back and your body. Other then that they treat us well.
There is not much I don't like from trader joe's. The company is a great to work for, it caters to many different types of necessities. I have been with the company for 7 years. When I was seeking a management position they listened and even offered me the opportunity. I am now a student and they make my work schedule as easy as it can possibly get. The only thing I wish they had is paid maternity/paternity leave. Other than that their medical insurance is on
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I have been with Trader Joe's for 2 years and 2 months and I can say it has been better than any other job I've had. Everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming, and I have met some lifelong friends there. Everyone treats each other like family. Trader Joe's is the true epitome of what teamwork looks like. The work hours are flexible, there are great benefits. Working at Trader Joe’s sometimes takes a toll on a crew member’s body, so it is encouraged to take breaks when needed. However, working for Trader Joe’s has been a rewarding experience, to say the least.
It's a very friendly and family type atmosphere. They have flexible hours and opportunities for raises every six months.
Trader Joe’s creates the best environment for consumer and employee. The behind the scenes action is as fun as going into the store and shopping.
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