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I for one currently work for this amazing company. It’s a great place to work because they work very well with students school schedule.
I have worked at Tractor Supply for almost a year and a half now, overall I have had a great experience there and have thoroughly enjoyed working there. I get along great with all of my coworkers and my bosses are very understanding of my schedule, allowing me to choose how many hours I work during the week depending on my school schedule. I get a lot of good experience and have gained a vast amount of knowledge by working there.
I love the sense of community involvement, the common sense that most of our customers have, the hard work needed, and the fast-paced environment.
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I like working with some of the employees. It was a semi good place to work by manger didn't really think about my schedule with my two other jobs, and some of the employees were not very friendly. I kind of felt a little downgraded some times. The people I helped out were great to deal with and the discount was good but they need to bewared of old employees using and not getting caught. I tried to use it like two week after quiting and they made a huge deal and there is was women that would come in and use it all the time. I guess it was because she was friend with one of the mangers.
I very much liked the culture of work hard play hard. We do everything we can to assist the customer and find the parts they need. We call other stores, we even look up competitors' stores to help them.
They are constantly promoting within.
I would hope that they change the benefits policy for part time workers.
Horrible company. Awful management through out many regions in California. Poor training amount new staff. Fair prices make it a convenient stop.
The TSC I work for does not give many hours. Half of the employees that work there have 2 days or less.
I love the environment at my workplace, the company, as well as the managers and employees make it feel as though I’m not even working.
Working for TSC has been both rewarding and discouraging. Being one of the only women at the store, both coworkers and customers see me as incompetent. I understand a broad variety of pet food, tractor components, hardware, and automotive, but this has been almost entirely useless. Like most retail stores, I have met both great people working here, and terrible people as well. You don't get a raise for operating heavy machinery (such as the forklift), dispensing propane, or doing heavy manual labor, and sometimes make less than the cashiers with no expierience. I have been lucky, as I have a wonderful manager and mostly good coworkers, however, I don't expect the same of the majority of other locations.
Working at tractor supply has definitely been one of the best things that I have done! Everyone who works there is wonderful and so friendly! They were so welcoming. And I have learned a lot. I had no idea on anything that had to do with living on a farm or building a fence or even fixing a tractor. Working at tractor supple has helped me have an understanding of these not only just from my fellow employees, but also the customers we see daily!
My store manager did not treat woman the same as the men on his staff. I have never felt the 'woman are treated differently' by an employer til I worked for him. I never received forklift training as per the online training said I would and he had women run the register only instead of on the sales floor. Men, no matter how slow (physically or mentally) did not work the registers and took forever to get merchandise to the sales floor. He also treated women management poorly til they quit. Also the 15% discount is a joke.
Tractor Supply Company has helped me grow over the course of four years to become a well rounded individual. I have gained experience through leadership opportunities that TSC offered. I have learned more than I ever could have about life out here through the interactions with the customers and the monthly GURA training. I am proud to work at Tractor Supply Company and I am grateful for the family I gained working here.
I started at tractor supply to pay off some bills and stayed because I fell in love with my job. I love the diversity of product, helping customers, my coworkers and the flexibility as a working parent. I loved meeting new customers and helping them find what they were looking for. I loved greeting and engaging with our loyal return customers as well. My manager was great at working with my ever changing schedule and did his best to give me hours that worked with my home life. I met and made some truely great friends on the job. Things I’d like to see change would be the pressure put on some coworkers to complete tasks beyond their abilities. A lot of pressure is put on the team leads and the assistant manager is not good at directing employees with their tasks. The schedule doesn’t follow the company example. Rather it is written around what days suit the managers life. I feel the schedule should be written by an unbiased third person so that it’s fair to all employees.
I enjoy coming into this store, the employees are so friendly and easy to talk to. It always has my 4 Health food that my dog loves!
I enjoyed the first year of working at TSC. my coworkers and I quickly became like a family, and my direct management team was very helpful. I learned new things and got to develop my skills as a retail manager. after I was promoted to a higher position though, things went downhill. I was the highest member of management in the store full time for 2 months and was expected to work miracles. our interim store manager was only able to come down every other week for a day or two at most. instead of helping me and the store, our district manager was negative all the time. We never received any praise on things that we were doing correctly or well, and instead we were constantly brought down.

maybe other district managers are actually helpful to their people, but ours is not. it's very disheartening, but on the upside it made me realize that I want more out of life and I'm going back to school to become a vet tech now.
Great place to work, especially starting out! The company is great, they really take care of the customer and understand that the customers are their livelihood.
I'm a party time employee and have worked for TSC for 3 years. It's a great company to work for, very fair. Allot of incentives and room and encouragement to move up the ladder in the company.
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They take great pride in their work and from what I have seen so far do what ever they can to put the customer first. Their training of new team members is very good they are always there to answer your questions.
My place of work at Tractor Supply is a very enjoyable place. I love talking with customers and helping them find products that they need. I also do merchandising which I very much enjoy. We have a great team of employees who all help each other.
The people here are amazing! I always feel welcome when I come into work and the best part is that it does not feel like work. The opportunities are endless here!
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