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The company was poorly managed. Top management heavy. They want everyone to work hard and give up personal time without additional compensation or advancement. They tell you that you should feel lucky to have a job. Management basically uses the same losing strategy but expect different results. There are layoffs every year.
It could be the fact that I worked at the store when they were closing, but as an employee, I can honestly say that I did not enjoy my time there. My manager could be extremely rude with not only her employees, but her customers as well. Many times I would walk in the back room and she would be playing on her phone during the busiest times of the day. Some positives about working there would be that I got paid above minimum wage and did get a lot of hours.
Toys R' Us is a great place to interact with kids and people of all ages. I loved working there, considering i'm a kid at heart and the reaction I got from kids when I helped them find a toy they wanted was priceless.
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It was an easy first job. The people we alright. Management varied, but for the most part, they were easy to get along with. As long as you worked hard, and did not mess around you were fine. but there was just so much secrecy all the way up to the end.
Toys r us was actually a really fun awesome place to work. Lazy management though. Always were in the back barking orders or out on smoke breaks together . But if you did your job and showed up on time the usually didn’t bug you
It was a nice job while it lasted, but I would have liked to see It open back up for business. I enjoyed working here mostly because of the customers. There is no better feeling than looking at a kid's smiling face who just got to get all the toys they wanted for their birthday. It just makes you feel happy being in that environment, and the customers are usually happy. No one really comes into a toy store angry.
It was very oriented towards the younger generation and allowed for a fun working environment. Management was a little lost in connecting with the staff but overall, it was a good experience.
One thing that I liked about TRU was that it was very flexible with your schedule even with being a Manger.
I wish it was still open. This was a wonderful place to work. The coworkers were the best part. The pay is not good. The hours vary depending on the season. The company didn't pay severance for it's employee's upon closing.
It was a great work experience, i always wanted to work there, so it was nice and will definitely be missed. I worked along side a lot of great people all from a variety of different backgrounds.
I rarely had any problems but there was a customer brawl and then a threat that had me shaken. To say the least, I left early that day.
I loved the people that I worked with and definitely made life long friends while working there. Now that the company has closed down, it's sad because my son enjoyed shopping there. The benefits were ok. They got rid of my of my position and had no where else to put me. I received a small package that wasn't that good and I had 2 months of vacation/sick time that I didn't get paid for :(
The way the company was managed was terrible. there was favoritism and they knew employees where stealing and did nothing about it.
I worked there seasonal and they called me back for a permanent spot but I had decided to pursue college. It was a fantastic experience and I am sorry that they are now gone but it shows me I made the right choice by going to school. I'm sorry now it's gone knowone will ever be a toys r us kid again. I just wish all of them the best.
Before Toys R Us closed for good this summer, I was able to work for this amazing company. For two winter season(2015 &2016) I was an overnight stock worker. It was the most intense job ever but I met amazing people and recieved great feedback from my supervisors. I loved working at toys r us and I will miss it.
While this company was still in business, it was a very enjoyable work environment with playful customers and pleasant coworkers. My managers were wonderful. Most of the time there were not enough hours, unfortunately. Pay was lower compared to other retail stores in the area. Also, stability is null and void as the company is now shut down in America.
It was a great company. They made you feel appreciated and that you could be anything you wanted. really good people
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I loved the people I worked with, but Toys R Us was poorly managed overall. My location will be closing in a month. Thankfully Toys R Us will continue on in Canada, so I am hoping for a comeback. Being in Human Resources has been difficult at times. This job will benefit my future profession as counselor.
Overall my experience at Toys R Us was great. My managers where fantastic and handled any problem or concern i had with ease.
They were very flexible with my school schedule, and everyone was always so nice and supportive there.
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