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I worked here for a little over 2 years, they were always accommodating when weather was bad and always made sure we got fair hours and tips.
They were very helpful and understanding. My grandfather passed away during my first two months and they helped me switch hours according to my schedule.
Great opportunity for advancement, great for college students, great team environment and super flexible and supportive!
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The management has poor communication skills with their workers. It is sometimes hard to get your concerns met for this reason.
If you love meeting new people then this job for you. You get the chance to interact with people from all walks of life while also getting the satisfaction that you made an impact on there trip.
Valet for Towne Park is a very easy job. It’s not very challenging mentally or physically which is why it can get boring at times, but it’s a good job to have part-time or while you are going to school. The daily tips are a HUGE plus and a big reason as to why I’m still with the company. Overall, the work is easy but boring, but I’d still recommend someone to work for the company.
I enjoy working for Towne Park. The hours are flexible, management are awesome and very understanding. They are approachable and communicate with others with respect. Towne Park is a friendly atmosphere. As an employee with Towne Park one has the opportunity to meet people of diverse backgrounds, and careers. Working for Towne Park is AWESOME to me!
My experience at Townepark was wonderful. It was the perfect job as a college student very laid back and not stressful at all. The employees got along, although upper management could have been a bit more involved, overall good experience.
It is an awesome company to work, very flexible, different hotel locations to work depending on what you are looking for, very friendly staff and management. The only downside I have experience is they overstaff people making the my tip income go down.
Great, I have a really great boss who understands working around my school schedule and any days I need off. Flexible hours, competitive pay, and I'm definitely respected in my job. Coworkers are more like a big family and we all work very well together. They have great benefits as well.
I like the overall environment. The valets are the first person anyone sees when entering the property. Being able to put a smile on someone's face before starting their day is very pleasing to the heart.
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