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Touro Infirmary Reviews

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My unit is very supportive, but the overall culture needs an overhaul. Staff has left on other units at an unsafe rate, patients suffer for it, and management does not see their part in this.
Since my job is my second home ,like most people, my coworkers are my second family. My coworkers are very enjoyable to work with. The people that work here have an welcomeing, and inviting spirit.
I really have enjoyed working for touro. The staff is friendly and very helpful. I enjoyed seeing the patients improve and see them go home.
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Coming aboard Touro was a great change for me. I enjoy the work that I do, the employees are friendly and professional and the management team is easy to talk to.
Now that Touro is apart of LCMC it isn't the best place to work. The pay is minimal and the work load can be overwhelming due to working under staffed
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