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Working for a store like Total Wine and More is an odd paradox. On one hand you are expected to develop a large knowledge base about a wide variety of different wines, regions and styles but on the other you're treated about the same way every retail salesperson is.
Expect lots of physical labour, climbing up and down ladders, retrieving cases and potentially spending an hour looking for product that may not be in the store.
The primary "treat" benefit of a wine associate is the discount on products and possibility of getting free cases of wine and beer every month but this is hardly compensated by poor/mediocre pay and terrible advancement opportunities.
The partnership with PerkSpot is an additional benefit that I didn't anticipate--I actually found my new car and went back to school through there. Overall, compensation for the required knowledge feels low and it's difficult to balance work and life, but most of my fellow employees are what makes me stay on.
I really enjoy working here. The managers are caring and competent and there is a good sense of respect that has been fostered in the whole team. Very Professional, but still fun.
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I liked the job. easy short hours. I did not enjoy management that much. They were disorganized from the day I interviewed up to the day I left.
The training and amount of knowledge at the employees disposal is extremely vast. With the right group of people a shift can even be fun. There were a lot of ugly rumors flying around about management. Especially the location we were training to open. Our store manager had a very specific style of promotion he stuck to and it wasn't flattering, though sadly common in our patriarchal society.
Great starting pay for an entry-level job
Awesome benefits - free case of wine every month (half-case for part-timers), paid tastings every month, free trips to nearby breweries, occasional misc. Free products, holiday gifts
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