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Being an employee at Torrid has been an amazing experience! Just being able to interact with my regular and new customers and seeing them love the way they look and feeling more confident drives me to come to work everyday after my classes.
I think my time spent at Torrid Inc. was a good experience. As my first job, I believe that this was a good choice. I was part-time sales associate for a year and a half, and still going until I transfer to a different school. Torrid was patient and flexible with my schedule. I enjoy the feeling you get there with your co-workers. It is a very comfortable environment. I enjoyed working there.
Torrid has a wonderful, supportive work environment. It is a great company dedicated to helping people feel comfortable and confident.
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I wish that Torrid would value their employees and provide benefits to those they consider management and put management responsibilities on.
I love this company and all the peiple i work with everyone is friendly and welcoming we get aome hard work done and we always feel good doing it.
I didn't like this job at all. The register set up was terrible and hard to use. The customers were very hard to work with. The co workers weren't warm or inviting at all. I felt out of place and I left.
Torrid has wonderful opportunities to grow within the company. Only downfall is that not too many hours are available for part time associates. Overall I loved working here and would go back!
This is a trendy , plus size store, as a plus size woman I’ve never felt more comfortable, cared for, and confident about myself. Their clothes last forever and fit just like day one.
Working at Torrid has been wonderful. They offer an open workspace, casual atmosphere and positive and easy communication between all of the employees. Your colleagues want for you to succeed and do your best and everyone there, regardless of their role, works together as a team. The compensation is fair and the benefits are awesome. They make sure that you know that you are appreciated an valuable to the company and that the tasks you perform are positively influential. It doesn't feel like "just another job" and I find myself motivated to come in and perform my best work daily. It always feels like I am stepping closer and closer to a more successful life being a Torrid HQ employee.
The working environment at Torrid is so uplifing and fun! The people here are truly my kind of people.
It's been a very fun place to work! The atmosphere is fun. Its fun to dress stylish and look good for work. It's a good feeling when you help a customer find the perfect outfit or see them light up with confidence when they feel beautiful. Management can add drama sometimes. My store has quite the management drama thing going on, but that can happen at every job. I love the discount from them. It's definitely a worth it perk! You will occasionally run into not so fun customers, but that also comes with every customer service job. Thankfully as an associate my managers deal with most of those situations.
I love Torrid. It is a small store so you get close to your coworkers. We also have a stake in the company, meaning we all are big girls so we shop and truly understand the clothing and customers. I love being able to work in a nice environment. It's never extremely hectic but some days are dead. It just sucks that I'm working for minimum wage at only 4 hours. No one gets more than that, except for management.
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