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I loved working at Topgolf. The people were so kind and caring. The work environment was always kept clean by our amazing porters!! It was a second family for me and I have never been closer to my coworkers before.
It's a nice place to work. Everyone who works their is friendly... well most of the time anyway. The people I work with are almost always willing to help me when I have a problem.
The people are the best part of my job. The environment management provides is a loving family and has given me incredible opportunities to continue moving up departments and trying different things.
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Working at Topgolf is a mixed bag, you will encounter many different types of people with different backgrounds and experiences. However, many people at my venue are types that are looking for popularity among their coworkers. This makes working there feel similar to a high school. It is also a place where if you are an entry level worker, such as a food runner there is little chance that your manager will notice any extra effort, this leads to little chance of promotion. Working at Topgolf, you see many people that are dissatisfied with the management, so much so that more than a few of my coworkers have quit and found employment elsewhere.
Working at TopGolf Mt.Laurel has been one of the best working experiences ever. The atmosphere and associates that I work with makes the job more valuable. I love how easy going the managers are and you can always come to them with everything and anything. Everyone up to the heart of house (kitchen) associates make it more like a huge family!
My experience at Top Golf has been great! The managers have always been super kind and understanding. The harder you work the more they trust you and allows for you to get into positions for promotion and such. The employs I have worked with have been a mixed bag, some were great, others didn't seem to know how to hold a knife, let alone be cooking. So not going to lie, I did have my fair amount of struggles with a few of those I worked with but that's everywhere right? Overall I would rate my experience there as very good and would go back, the benefits were amazing and it was in a great location.
I love working here. Everyone is so welcoming and fun. Its like a becoming apart of a new family. The environment is great.
Manager and staff around me was very helpful. It is a fun experience for everyone. I recommend it for anyone wanting a couple hours of fun.
The perks are nice — they provide food for associates Thursday through Sunday, and they have a nice break room and management does listen to the associates.
Topgolf is not your typical job. Youre always active doing something to ensure that the guests are having a great time. The venue is a sanitary, beautiful, and fun place to be in so it takes a lot to maintain this reputation.
Overall, Top Golf is a fantastic place to work at if you want to be part of a family and a fun/caring work environment. With the opportunities to move up in the company, one can definitely grow quickly within the company if they work hard and buy in to Top Golfs mission and core values. I have worked at Top Golf for over a year now and have enjoyed coming into work everyday.
Top Golf is the best serving job I have ever had. The environment is completely team work based and has to be the funnest employer I have had in Texas. A great seasonal job too!
Topgolf is a very professional, fun, growing company! I've been working there since May of 2016, and I've grown so much not just as associate, but as an individual. Greatest job ever!
I love working for this company, everyday i go its a great day. The environment is amazing, even when you are down you cant stay down because the people around you just make your day better. i would recommend this job to anyone and everyone, whether its your first job or you are looking for a nice place to work while you slow down and retire.
I love what Topgolf stands for. I do wish they were a little bit more selective with the hiring process. Management needs a little bit of improvement. They hire these young managers that have never lead a team a day in their lives. Topgolf is really a great place to grow and to excel within the company.
It was a great community and offered plenty of timings and work opportunities. I loved the managers and the other associates.
Going into topgolf has been such an amazing experience that allows an individual to be themselves and embrace their uniqueness. But, the one thing i would love to change is the lack of detail they have for their Quest. all and all their amazing!
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Top golf is full of positive energy. It is booming on the weekends and gives me the opportunity to better socialize with associates and guests
I’ve worked there for 3 years and it’s a lot of fun. It’s hard work sometimes and the weather isn’t always the greatest but I’ve met a lot of good people there.
The corporate feel and the way they treated me as an employee was always respectful and professional
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