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I enjoy talking and helping customers find what they desire and hope to have a job in the mere future in the business field.
Working atmosphere was pleasant, and involved always having something to do. Coworkers were college students which meant being able to make friends. Management was excellent and understanding.
Fun place to work, lots of foreigners work here due to resort town. Very slow environment due to location and seasons. Peak seasons are winter and BTS. Freight flow is low and manageable, floor is set to plan and always evolving. Secret shops are completed monthly and TM's are held accountable with results.
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I have worked for Tommy Hilfiger for about 4 years. I first started as a sales associate at the adult Tommy Hilfiger located at the San Francisco Paragon Outlets. My overall experience was enjoyable, I got along really well with my coworkers however the management was unorganized. After a year I took the summer off and transferred to the kids store. The quality of the store and management team was almost the opposite of what I was used to at the adult store. They worked hard to build personal relationships with their employees and to their customers. Throughout the year I was promoted to a lead sales associate and then to a floor supervisor, which is what I am today. I truly couldn't have asked for a better team and I thank my manager every day for giving me the opportunity to grow.
I enjoy the diversity within the PVH brand. Each day is completely different from the next. I have grown into a well rounded Manager with a strong business acumen. Unfortunately in the management role your schedule can be dictated by another’s team members inability to work their schedule which does effect a work/home life balance. I have found the deeper your bench the better balance a Manager has however this creates move turn over due to limited hours available.
It was an okay job as a teen. I didn't love working here but it was easy and the people I worked with were good.
I have worked at TH for almost 3 years now and I've had nothing but a positive experience. The environment is warm and friendly and the managers are nice and caring. I've never had issues with anything or anyone here. If I need a day or time off they are very considerate in making that happen. Overall a great place to work at.
Work is simple, but mentally it is a very demanding job. High tourism and sporadic traffic lead to a disjointed work flow. Most of our customers are tourists from neighboring islands and countries such as Japan and Korea. The variation of culture requires plenty of patience, and understanding. Good job for those that excel at brief brush-by customer service and speak a second language.
Improvements can be made around the staffing, compensations, training, and managements. Due to high demand and low amount of people that stay in the company on a long term route, many of our rules and ways we do things change. I would like some stability in our training and job expectations
The employees work harder than the management. There is a lot of favoritism in the store. Management doesn't lead by example. They consistently break policies yet they expect the employees to follow them. When you don't they are quick to document it to your file even though they do the same thing.
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