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400 Fairview Ave N Suite 488
Seattle, WA 98109
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Overall, it’s a good place to work if you’re just a salesperson. It’s a fun and relaxed place to work. The people you work with are friendly and easily become almost like family. You can have fun with the guests and they’re usually nice people. As far as operations and management there is plenty room for improvement. Some of the higher ups are not helpful and are mostly worried about looking good to their superiors. Therefore, they will treat their inferiors with little respect. They expect you to do the heavy lifting while they will give you little praise and sometimes take credit for you hard work. Another thing to note, holiday pay is nonexistent. If you are unfortunate enough to work at a casino location you can expect to work on holidays without time and a half (unlike most retail establishments).
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As an employee, I couldn't be happier anywhere else! The best management, the best co-workers! Of course we aren't satisfied until we are rich, so the pay could always be better but it will keep you content.
There are always going to be the hard, frustrating days were nothing goes your way but there are more happy days than negative.
Overall, this company has offered a good work experience to me. They are inclusive and thorough in their approach to satisfying customers.