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Company has great benefits and many departments to work in. Lots of room for growth but unfortunately they make it hard to move around in the company. Definitely a great stepping stone job though if you wanna get your foot in the door in homebuilding!
Toll Bros is one of if not the best company i have ever been a part of. I get the sense of family from everyone I come in contact with.
I really enjoyed working at Toll Brothers. The benefits were excellent, the organization of the workplace really impressed me, I was very impressed by their efficient processes, and I really learned a lot from working there.
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Toll Brothers is an amazing place to work! I loved working with all the employees and they are were like family to me. My favorite part of working with Toll Brothers was the environment I was in. Working with kids really opened my eyes up to my own passions.
I love working for this company. The atmosphere is fun and the firm is flexible. They have amazing incentives and benefits. I enjoy coming to work everyday and my teams have become like family. My only complaint is some of their promotions don't make sense and I no longer have much hope of moving up with the company. There is a lack of communication about upcoming changes that makes all the employees nervous.
Loved the company when I started but after a while I was looked down on when I would take a weekend to visit my boyfriend in the military even though I had completely open availability and worked every day I was asked to, sometimes working 10+ hours without a break. When I started school they recommended with my schedule that I only work Sundays, which was just enough to get my by. About a month into this situation my boyfriend took leave to come home so I also took off two days to be with him, I was never given any shifts after that. He manager never directly answered my question of when I would be put back on the schedule and eventually told me to let him know when I had a more flexible schedule, knowing I’m in school everyday. I felt punished for furthering my education
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