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It's fun, coworkers are great, there is A LOT of flexibility, & the growth opportunity is amazing. I was taught so much that really will continue to help me in future jobs. Plus, the training is actually thorough for a floor associate. My problem was with the management and values. They expect employees to be mind readers and to shove credit cards down customer's throats. Everyone under management grew miserable, no matter the quality of your work.
I really love working as a cashier at a Marshalls. All my management and coworkers are very friendly. Our customers are usually very pleasant. The in store products are also usually good quality along with a good price. The pay for entree level employees is very good. As a first job, it is a very very good choice.
I loved working in there, it’s a great place to start. They offer flexible schedules plus you get the chance to apply for scholarships.
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I work at the T.J.Maxx in Elmont New York, and it has been the best job I have had by far. Management is clear and is always willing to assist you. I think this specifically s one of my favorite things about working here, my managers will pull me aside to correct my mistakes and actually teach me how to be better at my Job. I used to work at Bloomingdale's under what was almost the same position, and I have learned for more here than I have at Bloomingdale's or at any of my other jobs for that matter. The hours are flexible, and perfect for people looking to spend their hours to make some bank and if you need some time off or a schedule change all you have to do is fill out a form and hand it to management. I have been with the company for over a year now and I feel the most productive I've ever been. I can't really speak for other T.J.Maxx stores, but the store I work at is absolutely amazing, and I would honestly stay with the company all my life if all of them were like this one.
Worst ever never seen such a bad company ran so poorly underpaid associates overpaid management who bullies their employees and lies to make profit from credit apps
I love the deals that I learn about every day from just working at the store. My peers and managers have all been very nice to me as well as helpful if I have any questions in order to prevent mistakes. They train us very thoroughly which can be tedious but it is something that is needed as training extends far beyond our allotted training days.
The management team is great and the pay is great due to the location. The work is easy as long as you try and do your best. The workplace environment is very friendly and accommodating. The schedules are very flexible and easy to balance with life outside of work. There is a decent employee discount of 10% and every couple months there are 20% weekends.
Love working there as a part-time associate! Great for students who are looking for ways to earn. I always feel welcome and appreciated. I am able to learn new things and grow as an employee.
TJ Maxx allows me to have flexible hours in accordance with my busy life schedule as a full-time college student. If something were to occur in my personal life and I needed to take time off, they are more than happy to grant me that time. I have only been employed with this company for about a month, but the management and employees are incredibly friendly and are always willing to help you with any concerns you may have. The environment is fast-paced, fun, and there is always something to do since the products in the store are always evolving. I truly do enjoy coming to work every single time. TJ Maxx encourages the employees to push for certain goals and step out of our comfort zone to achieve our highest potential. In addition, the pay is a couple of dollars higher than the standard minimum wage at the majority of the other retail stores in my state, which is awesome. I would definitely recommend working at TJ Maxx (stores) to anyone!
I would like to see more changes within the growth of employees and the way they work with one another
I love my job, it has its ups and downs, as I imagine most retail jobs do, but it's a great first job. My coworkers are all usually very friendly, and my management is terrific.
TJ Maxx is not only a great place to shop but also a great place to work. The company really cares about you and there is plenty of opportunity to grow/get promoted within the company.
Schedule changes without notice, few hours, little money, management is lazy and often late to work. The store, however, is clean and customers don't have many complaints.
After having worked at T.J. Maxx for nearly 4 years, I have seen many changes come into play involving the employees, management, and work atmosphere. Currently, I enjoy my job as it is fast-paced and I am always moving. If you do not like to be on your feet the entire day, this job is not for you. At my location, all of the employees get along with one another and we are close with one another much like a family would be. I have made long-lasting connections at T.J. Maxx that I will hold onto for many years to come.
T.J.Maxx is a great place to work as a collage student, the company is very school first and is always willing to work around your schedule.
Working at TJMAXX has been an overall great experience. It is run and managed very well, the training prepares associates aptly, and my co-workers work as a team.
Working at TJmaxx has been a great experience. I have flexible work hours, great coworkers, as well as a great management team. Customer service is our number one priority, which results in happy and friendly customers.
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TJ Maxx paid quite nicely and I was treated very well by the management. They did not give any useless tasks. One issue with the store however was the cleanliness of the store which was damaged constantly by the customers.
Working at Tj Maxx has been a great experience so far. The managers are great and always available to listen. Being a part-time student can be difficult, but they try they're to accommodate any needs that you may have.
My time at TJ Maxx was a stable job that was flexible with my busy school and music rehearsal schedule. I got along great with my coworkers and it was a fairly easy job. Working at TJ Maxx was a very typical retail job and I experienced nothing out of the ordinary.
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