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This has been the best job I've ever had. It lets me be me and have fun. I enjoy my managers and they have helped me move up and help others.
The pay is great. That is about the only thing that has kept me there. Its a good job as a store manager but once you get to a general manager position, your job is never secure. I would like to see the district manager and the regional manager provide more support to their employees. I believe encouragement and support keep employees, not fear and intimidation. The benefits are a little expensive. It wouldn't make sense to buy the insurance if you are not a general manager.
I love the hours being flexible & able to accommodate me to be able to get my personal business handled as far as my own doctor appointments and my kids doctor appointments also. The company is very understanding and considerate of their employee's needs.
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I enjoyed the work environment. Your coworkers were very easy to work with. The job was pretty simple but due to the product the company advertised, meeting goals had become unrealistic. The management was very poor in the district I worked in. They only worked from a district manager point of view in numbers and did not relate to their employees befor below them. The pay was average but due to advancement being so easy it was easy to make above average money with little education.
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