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You get free cable and internet. The job can be very hectic and busy and times. Sometimes it can get stressful but you can make it through. What i would suggest is that sometimes when dealing with difficult customers we should be automatically allowed about 3 minutes to ourselves to get our minds together.
i worked in Wisconsin, it was a nice learning experience since then it was bought out but i did enjoy working there. it wasn't really down hill switching to the spectrum company
I love management. But it is a very stressful job and you have to meet your "stats". Since i am in customer service it is highly stressful and you never get a break on the phone.
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I have worked for this company 3.5 years And have enjoyed the growth and development as a sales agent the company has great benefits
I love this company. Management is amazing and always wants to see you grow. Everyone encourages you to do your best and gives you feedback and what you need to improve on.
The first five to seven years were great. Nice work enviroment great benifits like paid vacation, 401k, pension, free Cable services with friendly people working there but Time Warner Cable ended up merging with Charter forming Spectrum. Benefits were taken away and many employees were laid off...R.I.P. TWC
Great leadership and resources for growth! If I ever needed assistance, my colleagues were always there to help me. Sometimes the work can be stressful but the work environment always puts me at ease and I feel great going into work everyday.
Great company, wish they hadn't merged with Charter. It was once a great place to work and get to know people but alas it is no more. Maybe someday there will be another company like this one that I will like and can work for but until then I will submit to these sweepstakes to no avail trying to win money
Great Company Technology top notch wit A1 Benefits. A company to retire from with bringing 10000 jobs back to The US.
I'm a graphic designer and there's a lot of new experiences here, even if you're a seasoned designer like me. It has opened up a lot of new skill sets for me.
I worked in Inbound Sales. You basically read a script and help people with their cable/internet orders. All calls are monitored/recorded and you recieve "coaching" everyday. That part was absolutely painful. Even if you were the top salesperson in the building they would still find something to critique and put in ur files. Instead of coach to strengths it was lets go out of our way to find "anything" wrong.
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