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I would recommend teenagers work for this company as for me i needed better pay in orer to take care of my daughter i would work every day for peanuts but you have to start somewhere. This was my first job. I really enjoyed the experience for a first time job experience, all of my coworkers and my managers were amazing and very helpful.
I get treated like absolute crap by the manager at the store I work in, and he belittles absolutely everyone I work with. He is anti-change unless he initiates it. Hygiene policies are also not followed. I am stuck working here unless I can find a better job, that's increasingly more difficult to do
Great work atmosphere, love getting regular customers who know us and are very friendly. Good management and coworkers.
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I enjoy the flexibility and the managers are very kind and always willing to let me take time off to work on my studies. We get free hot drinks such as coffee, hot chocolate, French vanilla, etc,. We also get 50% all food. All the associates are very kind, caring and welcoming! I enjoy going into work everyday. I enjoy baking the donuts and other treats. I enjoy engaging with the customers and making friendly conversations. The team is always ready to help one another! My manager's wife was diagnosed with cancer and everyone pitched in to donate food and money for him and his three children. I love my job and I wouldn't want any other part time job!
I fell great to be working in fast food. Interaction with lot of customers. Pay rate is vey poor as compared to the sterss in job. Its would be better if they increase wages in fast food restaurants such as tim horton.
The managers are usually pretty down-to-earth but their lack of understanding any issues that could arise can sometimes be difficult
Tim Hortons is a good place to learn and to gain experience and also to meet great people. But the job can be frustrating when their is conflict between the employees, especially when one, two, or multiple employees and supervisors doesn't want to do their jobs properly. If everyone did each of their own responsibility and job correctly, our store will be way more efficient.
Family environment, loving kind enjoyable the manager was nice to customers and employees, yearly raises, open doors
Tim hortons is a good forst job to teach you responsibility, it teaches you a since of how money works and how fast it is spent, it teaches you to have responsibility when speinding your money because you must buy your necessities first, it teaches responsibility
Really good work atmosphere I enjoy working therefore are allowed time off as long as you do an advance notice but the are willing to work with you I work there while I attend high school I work after school and on weekends and I pickup extra hours during the summer and during school breaks. My manager is great to work and everyone gets along really well and that makes the work hours flow really well I look forward to going to college as I will apply to a Tim Horton’s in the area of my school I’m sure my manager will give me a good recommendation for a job there. I feel that my employment there has helped me with discipline in being on time and working with other as well as preparing me for the future and I’m hoping to get this scholarship to be able to attend the college of my Choice and be able to still work at my job while attending college
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