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Tilly’s offers a friendly and welcoming environment to its employees and customers. They allow you to express yourself and your individuality through your styling and fashion. Your creativity and input is taken into account and valued.
As a sales associate, I learned how to be more of a people person and perform under pressure. I also learned techniques that will help in the future like using our computer system and predicting when sales will increase and decrease.
I worked at Tilly's for about 2 months. In that time, I got the experience of a lifetime. I was surrounded by great employees who cared so much about my well being and my future. They would make sure I did everything the right way and weren't afraid to correct me if I did something wrong. This was one of the most memorable first job opportunities I could have asked for, and I really recommend that you apply there if you want a fast-paced and fun work environment.
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Tilly's Inc. barely gives hours because of hiring too many people, but still hires new employees. I dislike saying every little action you do over the walkie. I don't like the fitting room process, while forcing customers to buy more items. If they wanted to buy it in the first place they would have gotten it already. The music is too loud, I can barely hear my thoughts and customers. The customers hate when I get "stories" from them. They came to buy products not have a conversation with employees working minimum wage. If the customers wanted forced awkward conversations they would talk to their family members. They force you to smile, while you're soul is being crushed from the ear bleeding music and bright lights. The only good thing is that the employees not the managers are usually nice, not the ones stealing customers away from you. And this is me being nice.
my experience at this company has its pros and cons like any other company, from management styles to co-worker compatibility, but personally i'd say i had an alright experience at tilly's iv been here for 3 years now and it only seems to grow old after a while. I realized that I've outgrown my co-workers and managers all the same in reality its not their fault its a company for high school. the kids only get younger and you get older and managers eventually take on immature qualities and reflect the childish environment from time to time. In my opinion i feel the company could improve on incentives for workers and maybe add commission back. working hard, dealing with over dramatic customers , recovering an entire store BEFORE we close, moving heavy boxes from one side of the store to the other, and multi tasking to the max, just doesn't seem worth the $11 an hour after a while day after day.
This place is a great company for those who are just starting in the work environment. I enjoy that they push you to reach out to customers so you’re building great customer service skills as well as knowledge to learn about the many different people who come through the company. Team work is key when working at tilly’s and you eventually grow a second family at this job. My over all experience for the job was put at an average though because of the compensation compared to the amount of work you actually have to put out.
I was a manager at Tilly's for about 8 months. It was an amazing experience. I grew so much as a professional because I developed a lot of communication skills as well as skills on how to efficiently run a business. The management team always worked really well together and we had an awesome team of associates that welcomed each and every guest by getting to know their wants and desires to easily point them in the right direction on acing their style.
Working at Tilly's was both a positive and negative experience for me. That summer, I learned how to make people feel like they were the only ones in the world. My managers at the store instructed us to treat customers in this manner by speaking to them about their upcoming plans, choosing the perfect outfit for them, and making their experience, an amazing one. However, the treatment I received from these same managers was almost the complete opposite. When I tried to speak to them, I was ignored, and when another employee made a mistake with a customer, the managers blamed me. It was at this point that I decided to focus on my customers. This is why my experience working at Tilly's was neither positive nor negative. However, it was because of this job that I learned that making someone feel like they are the only ones who matter, makes the biggest difference in people's lives.
Wonderful! The clothes discounts are great! Affordable and fashionable clothes for all seasons of the year!
Tillys was a fun experience, nothing like the previous sales jobs I have ever done. Trying to get people to sign up for rewards was one big thing I did not like about working there. Rewards were so important we were written up if we did'nt get a lot. Which caused us to get these rewards out of fear rather than really promoting it in its best way. Our 20% discount sucked too, because we werent really appreciated as employees. any customer who asked got a 20% off discount on their clothes.
My time at Tilly's has been quite a roller coaster. I started as an entry level sales associate back in 2015 and have climbed up the ranks to a visual lead and to now an assistant store manager. Since it's a retail store that sells clothing for teens/early 20s, there tends to be a lot of minors that get hired. Other than the associates being young and occasionally not listening, everything else runs pretty smoothly. Sales as good, customer connections are great.
Tillys is an amazing work place. Great vibes and totally great. Ive been an employee at tiles on and off or about 4 years now and its been one of the greatest experiences in my life. I have learned a lot of customer service skills and having a very diverse personality. Its taught me to deal with different personalities all in one experience.
I have never been in a more welcoming environment. Since my first day, I have developed strong professional relationships with the team. There is absolutely no tension between anyone, Tilly's gives out positive vibes in all aspects. I was trained to always build a connection and interact with customers, this has taught me many life skills! Theres not a day where I don't enjoy working.
Loved the clothing style. Management was lacking original thought, but there was always something to do while I was at work.
The Tilly's company is amazing and I truly do enjoy working for this amazing business. It has taught me amazing business skills through retail and sales. I love being a part of the Tilly's family and would recommend working for this company!
I loved the laid-back atmosphere and all the wonderful people I met. The managers and store owners were always so helpful and truly wanted to see you succeed in all aspects of your life. I rated it only four stars because sometimes coworkers got too competitive for sales.
I love my job here and it's a fun, upbeat place to work. Coworkers are kind and uplifting and I look forward to going in to work everyday.
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Working at TIlly's was a great decision for both my career and my personal life. I met my wife here and in turn found my family here. I have worked at Tilly's for over 20 years and consider it home.
I loved the environment of working here! The managers were always super friendly and I loved the atmosphere!
Working at Tilly's is not bad for a part-time job. Depending on the location of your workplace it can either be busy or not. If you need a part-time job Tilly's can one of your options.
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