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Tijuana Flats Burrito Company Reviews

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Tijuana Flats is a very welcoming family oriented community. They are big on building character and treating everyone as you would like to be treated. Keeping it fresh isn't just a statement it is a way. Every team member is trained to be well rounded. Our number one goal is to endure that the guest has a great experience every visit they become family.
My experience so far working at Tijuana Flats Burrito Company has been a superior experience for a first job. The smiling and welcoming faces brought new light to the frighting experience of getting a job as a high schooler. The team I work with is incredible, and their kindness never ceases. The workplace is highly efficient and effective. With suitable training and moral support, learning all the things I needed to was made effortless and elementary. The company has been very flexible to the working hours I have submitted and allow me to work while still having time to be a typical high schooler. I enjoy very much working at Tijuana Flats Burrito Company and would recommend it to anyone seeking a position of employment.
I love working at tijuana flats! Managers work well with student schedules, and understand if things pop up. Very fast pased environment as its usually busy, fun atmosphere for both workers and guest. This job has taught me an immense amount of customer service and responsibility. I have created a bond with my managers like no other, I feel safe and understood at my place of work.
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Working at Tijuana Flats has been a great experience. They spent over a week training me, a total of 8 shifts. I fully learned how to do everything and felt very comfortable when it came time to handle customers on my own, prepare food to serve and go, to answer phones and clean. Everyone I work with is wonderful and scheduling is very flexible. As an employee you receive half off when ever you want food. You get paid under minimum wage but you also receive decent tips. All of the managers started as front or back of house employees.
Tijuana Flats is a great place to work if you are still in school and want flexible work hours. You can request days off with no problem and tell the managers your availability and they will work around it. It is a very fun work environment.
Tijuana Flats is a very casual workplace and the management does their best to be accommodating. They take staff input into consideration and my store has an overall family feeling. I know my coworkers care about me and everyone is friendly, including upper level management that pop in to check on us.
Very relaxed fun environment. Friendly people, always a good time. Starting pay is lower but always room for promotion. Work hard and raises are given. Accepting and open company to all.
I loved that there was always growth opportunities, where employees were able to become managers. I've realized that people get paid differently, for example i was getting paid $6.15, while others were getting paid $7 or $8 an hour.
I love the atmosphere and the work environment. They staff and guest are up beat and always a good time once a employee or guest walks through the doors. They work very well with both high school and college students and work around our schedule.
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