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ever changing. Very challenging. The clients are demanding but good to work with for the most part. The compensation is very competitive and there tends to be a lot of room to grow within the role. There is a lot of room for collaboration across the entire company.
TIAA is a great company. They offer a lot of great benefits if you’re a full time employee. They keep there employees engaged, motivated, and supported. The culture seems a little conservative and stiffs at times, but it you find the right people you’ll go a long way. I’ve noticed there are a lot of women in power, it’s not uncommon for women to lead departments. I believe that this company really strives for a diverse environment. A lot of the employees stay with the company a long time because of all of the opportunities offered. It’s a great company!
I feel like TIAA offers a great benefits package and genuinely cares for their employees. For multiple years, TIAA has been recognized as a great place to work.
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Pay and benefits are terrific as are the opportunities for development and advancement. Sometimes the internal processes to get work done are difficult but management is always looking for ways to improve.
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